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Ed Williams

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Jim Dyke has once again demonstrated that he is in a different universe than the rest of us. Perhaps he is with Dorothy on the yellow brick road looking for the Wizard of Oz. His last Sunday cartoon certainly does not reflect reality. Only someone who is uninformed could attribute the low employment rate to Donald Trump. No president has control over the economy. The president always tries to take credit for any fortunate event. If the president were responsible, President Barack Obama would receive credit since our economy pulled out of the great recession during his term. The closest to controlling the economy was George Bush, who lightened regulations on big banks and allowed them to over extend and almost destroy our economy.

Trump is a liar and a racist. Robert Haslag documented it well in a LTE in Tuesday’s edition, but it is only necessary to pay attention to Trump’s words to know he is untruthful. Trump did not allow black people to rent his apartments back in the ’70s and faced federal lawsuits. Six of Trump’s close assistants are being tried as criminals. One of the criminals was Michael Cohen, who called Trump a con man and wants him defeated. Cohen says he will have more to reveal after his three years in prison.

Does Dyke approve of Trump’s affairs with pornographic models and having Cohen pay them to keep quiet? Trump separated families because they were trying to find a better life for their children. Is it wise to accept the word of Russians and North Koreans over U.S. intelligence chiefs? Trump does. I only hope that American lives are not lost due to his naiveté. I noticed no decrease in my income taxes this year, but Trump wants us to think there was. Trump appointed John Bolton as a foreign affairs advisor. He is known as a liar and arrogant given to fits of temper. He threw a tape dispenser at a female staffer.

Bolton seems to be running the U.S. policy toward Venezuela. There are reports of Chinese and Russians in that country. Trump disregards the Monroe Doctrine, a cornerstone of American policy since very early in our country’s history.

Trump is a step back for civilized society, an immoral criminal, and should be impeached immediately. Dyke should stick to art and leave off political commentary.

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