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Sherwood Watson

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

It seems the Russkies are the least of our worries. The State of California proposes to leave Trump off of the ballot in the next election because he won’t fork over his tax returns. Talk about a hostage situation. Who’s trying to control an election now?

The painful reality is the Democrats and Libernazis are involved in a hostile takeover of the government of the United States. They have become their own judges, juries and executioners, and it seems no one is willing to get in their way. Instead of brown shirts, I expect to see green shirts at any time.

For the health of America and the health of American politics some changes need to be made. It’s my feeling no one should be allowed to campaign for any public office without passing an IQ test, psychological tests, background checks, educational tests and skill set tests to prove they have the focus and emotional stability to approach a job in public office. I’d suggest the current Congress be subjected to the same tests.

Further there should be limits on congressional terms. No more congressmen and congresswomen for life. Any campaign funding, for any public office including the president, should be paid by the government, and a fixed amount for all. In this way, America would find out very quickly who can manage money. No contributions of money, services or otherwise would be allowed from outside sources. Each campaigner would get a 30-second commercial to give their sales pitch, and it would run three times a day on national television.

I know I’m a dreamer, but I don’t believe Americans should continue to have their rights and privileges chipped away at by a Congress that may not have the maturity, common sense or moral decency to do the next right thing.

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