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David Awbrey

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

I want to go on public record thanking former White House counsel Don McGahn and Assistant Attorney General Rob Rosenstein for standing up for this country at the risk of being fired. They did so in the face of pressure from “that man” to do his bidding (reference: Mueller Report) they thought would be either unethical or potentially unlawful and refused to do so. This country owes them our appreciation for what they did. They and the many others who have quit or been fired are people of integrity. l know there many Democrats and some Republicans such as U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah who think “that man” has no integrity but these two Republicans did, and I admire them for it. To be able to stand there alone in the presence of “that man” and do what they thought was right and good for the country is as brave as any soldier who faces the enemy.

I hope when the next president takes office, regardless of political party, the president awards these two people the Presidential Medal of Freedom. They deserve it on behalf of this country.

I have also written a letter to Chief Justice John G. Roberts and informed him how much I admire him in his efforts to keep the integrity of the federal judiciary intact from outside influence because when we lose the federal judiciary to outside influences from either the office of president or Congress, this country is truly lost.

Michael Cohen, “that man’s” former personal attorney, deserves what jail time he has been sentenced because that is what you get sometimes when you been around “that man.” He warned the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee this is what you are going to reap in time as just look at what happened to him.

The sadness is I actually agree with a few of “that man’s” political agenda such as renegotiate old trade treaties, get out of Afghanistan and Syria, and make Europe and South Korea pay more for their defense.

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