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Francis J. Butel

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Cal Winter’s LTE published July 10, 2019, shows he is absolutely ignorant of what the Catholic Church teaches. In more than 70 years of regular attendance and many years of studying Church teachings, I have never heard nor seen any indication that Catholics think most Protestants are going to hell. Neither is he aware that all Catholic teachings are based in Scripture. The Bible does make sense unless a person makes themselves its own interpreter ignoring authority and tradition. Such a person can misinterpret what Scripture says and easily fall into heresy. This is evident from Scripture itself: 2 Peter 3:15-16 tells us that in St. Paul’s Epistles, “there are many things hard to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction.”

Mr. Winter said in his two letters that a selfless mother who wants her children to go to heaven should abort all her fetuses. Did he miss the reference in my letter that as far back as the Old Testament Scripture God gave the commandment: “Thou Shall not kill.” Those who oppose abortion hold to that Scripture.

He also says that it does not matter what you do or do not do, you will not go to heaven or hell. Mr. Winter needs to read a little more scripture. Jesus was the one who compared hell to the Valley of Hinnom near Jerusalem (also called “Gehenna”), a huge public rubbish dump where trash burned in continually smoldering fires; thus “Gehenna” took hold as a name for hell. Jesus also compared hell to a prison and to outer darkness. It was he who likened hell to “a fire” at least 20 different times. In Luke 16, he describes a great chasm over which “none may cross from there to us.” In Matthew 25, Jesus tells of a time when people will be separated into two groups, one entering into his presence, the other banished to “eternal fire.” Sorry, Mr. Winter, but what you believe and how you live does matter in where you spend eternity.

All this is not Christian Mumbo Jumbo. The one teaching mumbo jumbo is Mr. Winter.

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