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Tom Ault

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

The last few months have been educational, irrational, disgusting, enlightening and for the most part irritating.

I have come to a conclusion that all should not be lost for the life-threatening condition being fought with medication. After going through a lot of physical problems for the last couple of years, and during this time having been involved with five wonderful doctors, more tests than can be remembered, and so many incorrect diagnosis that there is no need to address any of them, I start my case.

As a lot of you have discovered, insurance is wonderful to a point; your coverage can be disgusting. Can you live without it? Unfortunately…no!

Have any idea what your out-of-pocket charges are because delayed invoicing is the accepted concept of “out of sight, out of mind” invoicing. You know what I mean…delay invoicing long enough and the customer will forget what was done, and just pay it.

Now the latest, although not a new thing too many of you. After experimenting on you for several months, you are still in pain. For you, there is no realistic future in sight without pain. Your doctor(s) have tried everything that is in their book. (Could be the same one that is online, who knows for sure?)

Finally a new drug, a new thought, a new concept. Your mind opens up, your imagination sees you dancing in the garden without agony…at last something to help you feel better.

You rush to the drug store, prescription in hand…the pharmacist looks at it and tells you they don’t, and can’t, carry that medication and send you to the nearest medical treatment facility. They tell you they don’t have it on hand, come back the next day. You get a better night’s sleep knowing there is a possibility of relief, then tomorrow comes.

The new prescription is ready… for most an inexpensive one, $279 for 30 days! Wow!

Then you dreamt Father Pharmaceutical said, “Here is a week’s supply. Since we are still experimenting, this is no charge. Ridiculous? Absolutely, in today’s world you are the guinea pig, you pay the cost of experimentation, you are the leftover piece of flesh they have discarded, and lucky you, got to pay for it.

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