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Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Why do Democrats rely on name-calling, character assassination and profanity (per Smith's LTE) yet call Republicans to be civil?

The Democratic debates provide insight into Dems philosophies on handling America. The first debate revealed all but one Democrat (Bennet) overwhelmingly supported decriminalizing illegal border crossings. This idea introduced by Juan Castro, whose mother helped establish LaRaza, an anti-white, anti-American, anti-assimilation, socialist, Chicano/Mexican group to create a separate country within the southwest United States. LaRaza's leader, Gutierrez, wanted to eliminate American economic, political, and social base support and kill "gringos" (white people) if necessary!

The FBI reports 33,000 violent MS-13, M18 gang members in the U.S. and numbers will surge through open borders — all involved in criminal activities. Central America has 85,000-plus gang members and Fox News recently reported they kill 100 people there daily.

In the second debate, every Democrat indicated they'd provide free healthcare to any illegal arriving or presently in America. (YouTube) Obama's DHS, Johnson, warned of a migration explosion and understood this policy would lose the 2020 election, so drop discussions! This policy encourages human traffickers, drug smugglers, ISIS, who warned the ISIS flag would fly over the White House. All that's necessary to destroy America and our safety is to elect a socialist Democrat!

Every Democrat candidate states climate change is the largest existential threat to America; not China, Iran, North Korea or Russia. Mattis' (head of U.S. Central Command) book "Call Sign Chaos" suggests naivete and ignorance of the Obama/Biden administration caused the growth of ISIS, who Obama referred to as the JV team! Biden bragged about removing 150,000 combat troops out of Iraq, indifferent to predicted/preventable consequences. Obama's failure to enforce the "red line" on Syria's use of chemical weapons weakened the U.S. reputation globally. This accelerated refuge flow that changed the political culture of Europe and increased terrorists' attacks. Americans should watch and learn!

A House vote initiated previous inquiries on impeachment yet Pelosi ignored. Trump's attorney and authorized Republicans weren't allowed to read daily transcripts and some witnesses' answers were denied. Dems for three years wasted Americans' dollars and time to impeach on presumptions, that Senate GOP will stop. Americans want Congress to do their job. Viewership on inquiry hearings and Democrat debates hit rock-bottom. Democrats win elections only through fraudulent voting, media indoctrination and free enticements!

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