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Jenny Smith

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Charlotte Schnieders gave us a website to get to the truth about an article written by Steve Kroft after a 60 minute interview he did with George Soros. That interview was 20 years ago, by the way. The authorship of that piece that she ascribed to Steve Kroft was actually written by Jim O’Neill and posted at the website Schnieders gave: The website is devoted to the Lost Tribes of Israel. Here are a few other articles at that site; “The Solar Path of the Twin Binary Sun known as Planet X makes its last Voyage before Metatron as King Messiah come to Rein,” “Yellowstone eruptions are the Messianic Process of Redemption,” “Is Obama, the Machiavellian ‘Black Prince’ Reincarnation of the Pharaoh of Egypt?”

Given my terra-firma disposition, it looked like a lot of weird stuff at that site. Just saying.

You can read the actual transcript of that 1999, 13-minute interview that Schnieders was fuming about at this site:

Here are some quotes from that Kroft interview with Soros in 1999: “With the threats to Jews in Budapest, George’s father bribed a government official to take his 14-year-old son, George, and claim him as his Christian Godson. ….. As hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were being shipped off to the death camps, George Soros accompanied his phony Godfather on his appointed rounds, confiscating property from the Jews. ….whatever his motivations, no one can accuse him of greed, he ……. is giving away his billions now with the same determination that he made them, in places like Haiti, a country that has less money in the bank than he does.……This year Soros plans to give away almost $5 million around the world. In Bosnia, when the water supply to Sarajevo was cut off, it was Soros, who wrote a check to jury rig a pipeline through an abandoned highway tunnel.…..In Russia, he pledged $100 million to help scientists, who might otherwise have sold their expertise to bidders like Iran or Iraq.”

The mostly unflattering interview reveals Soros as a successful but ruthless, maybe heartless businessman. Who does that remind you of?

Part of Schnieders’ beef was how you can’t get the truth from mainstream media. Conclusion? We would all be so much better informed using the websites she is using.

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