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Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

The critical research you demanded and said I lacked was in the website I listed and you totally avoided reading. Your vitriolic statements conservatives have unfortunately gotten use to, as have Trump and his family, as the mainstream media twist his very words daily. It was Steve Kroft, a 30-year veteran of 60 Minutes that called Soros an evil man and no one called him a German officer. The four-month Kroft investigation resulted in a televised interview of Soros and a five page narrative that everyone should read. “60 Minutes” has aired on CBS for 51 seasons and is not considered a “conservative program or station.”

Gyorgy Schwartz’s father changed the name to Soros to assimilate into the gentile population. While Adolf Eichmann was overseeing the murder of a half million Hungarian Jews, Soros at the age of 14 went with a man to confiscate Jewish property from friends, neighbors and fellow Jews. He has called it the best year of his life, enjoyed it, had no feelings of guilt then or now, only of absolute power!

Kroft also wrote Soros is anti-God, anti-American, anti-good, amoral, ruthless with skewed moral values and a sociopath’s lack of conscience. Economically he’s destroyed or engineered coups in a dozen countries to gain wealth while devaluing savings and home values of citizens. Soros stated he has the power to change America by packing the Democratic party with Saul Alinsky, Anti-American Socialists that promote open borders, one-world foreign policy, legalized drugs, euthanasia, a deconstruct of moral values, abortion, atheism, gun control, mass immigration and global warming — every Democratic presidential campaign promise!

Soros has spent over 30 years recruiting, indoctrinating and installing operatives in 50 countries placing them in influential positions of power in media, government, finance and academia. He has long connections to the CIA, mainstream media, entertainment and spent $5 billion electing his puppet, Obama. Soros feels Americans are “too stupid” to make their own life decisions so, if you agree, elect a Democrat! Soros’ philanthropy undermines America’s traditional Western values. His nemesis is Trump and why Soros’ media must destroy him. Intelligent people want to make their own life decisions!

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