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Tim O’Mara

Jefferson City

To the Editor:

One of my favorite parts of the Trib’s Opinion Page is when completely different views are published on the same day.

On the same page where Joseph Martin is calling for social awareness and reflection, Mark Bruenger and Wanda Roam espouse ignorance and hate.

I’ll begin with Mr. Bruenger. He wants to focus on the recent mass shootings taking place in “gun-free zones,” obviously believing that if “good guys with guns” were present, the “bad guys with guns” would have been stopped had the good guys been allowed to carry firearms in those areas. He clearly wants to ignore the fact that in both Texas and Ohio it is legal to buy military-style weapons with large-capacity magazines. Mr. Bruenger, if I have a a “no smoking” rule in my backyard and my next-door neighbor does not, will that prevent my neighbor’s smoke from entering my property? (By the way, Mr. Bruenger, it may be time to renew your subscription to American Spectator, the conservative magazine and media outlet you practically quote from.)

As for Ms. Roam, she refers to some people’s “life choices” being “repugnant or perverted.” It’s clear she is speaking about the increased public acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. First of all, Ms. Roam, sexual and gender identity are not, for most people, “choices.” Why would someone choose to be different in this way knowing they were going to face unreasonable hatred and bigotry from people such as yourself and potential employers? Since Ms. Roam is an obvious follower of the Bible, I’d like to quote Jesus on the subject of homosexuality. But I can’t because there’s no record of his commenting on homosexuality. I can say my friends in the LGBTQ+ community seem to have much more tolerance for your lifestyle than you have for theirs. (Maybe they’re more Christ-like?)

And, Ms. Roam, as far as “repugnant or perverted,” I wonder — no I don’t — what Jesus would say about the countless priests — and Boy Scout leaders — who have sexually abused children and their higher-ups who have protected the offenders and covered these crimes up. As far as what Jesus said about protecting little children, look no further than Matthew 18:6-7. “…woe to the person through whom they (harm to children) come.” Parentheses are mine.

Mr. Martin is right. It’s time for some real and meaningful reflection in America.

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