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Hugh Odneal

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Everyone has faith in something. It may be a job, money, some God, and others in God. I am in the later group but does that mean I am superstitious and my beliefs have no place in the laws of the land? I believe it is the superstitions of the other groups that got us in the mess we are in, mankind's opinions can replace God's authority.

As a Christian I declare there is one God and submit all of creation as evidence. Genesis 1-2, Psalm 19, John 1, etc. I understand this is not proof but, to me, it is compelling evidence, especially when it agrees with the laws of science of cause and effect, thermodynamics, biogenesis, non-contradiction, etc. The atheist and evolutionist evidence is nothing became something, chaos became order, nonlife became life, the simple became complex, etc., all which disagree with these laws. So who has blind faith and superstitious?

I believe the Bible has all the answers for how I, and all mankind, live our lives and treat others. It may not reveal that I am to be a contractor but it does tell me, with authority, how I am to conduct my business as a contractor and treat my clients. This is why I believe abortion is wrong, God created life and only He has the right to tell us how to respect life. Abortion is not a contraceptive, it is murder a violation of God's law and man's law. No matter how many clergy or opinions from people that agree abortion is a right, God says no and is the authority. We should check the Bible for what God says rather than a person. 17:11 and Galatians 1:8.

God didn't save me just to go to Heaven. God has given Christians the honor and privilege to serve Him by sharing the gospel, witnessing, with the lost in the world, who have not been Born Again into God's family. God does not desire any to perish but they first must be told the truth. Do you hate anyone so much you wish they would go to hell? Do you love everyone so much you will share the Gospel and pray for them? 2 Peter 3:8? Matthew 28:19-20 says, "Heaven is my reward for obedience.

I agree; leave superstitions at the courtroom door and let truth enter and prevail.

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