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Linda Wenzlick

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Again we have an individual supporting Mr. Kavanaugh under the guise that, “boys will be boys!” Nothing could be farther from the truth. I suspect that there are countless young men who drank too much in college, but goofy behaviors like wearing lampshades for hats or singing loudly and off-key or failing to maneuver the appropriate dance steps are a far cry from attempted rape. These previous behaviors while embarrassing for the individual when related to them in a sober state are not criminal. Abducting someone and trying to force yourself on them is not in the same category, it is criminal.

I frankly don’t care that now he is walking the straight and narrow after messing up in college. There are countless folks in prison who could also make the same claim. It doesn’t make him any less guilty. What Kavanaugh is being accused of is an attempted rape and even the state where this took place has no limits on its prosecution.

Since it is obvious that Mr. Ault doesn’t understand this crime and its parameters, I will attempt to explain it. First of all, when an individual says, “no,” that is what they mean, period. And people who dress a certain way or walk a certain way or move a certain way are not, “Asking for it!” Sober or not individuals are expected to be accountable for their own behavior. This is why it is even more horrific when those in powerful positions use that power to subdue minors.

Witnesses who could have been called to testify and corroborate Dr. Ford’s testimony were not allowed to do so. Plain and simple, as Mr. Haslag told us, this was a power grab. When even Newt Gingrich says it, that’s something! While Justice Kagan was being interviewed senators got every document she’d ever written. The senators did not get that with Kavanaugh. Sen. Grassley and his cohorts in crime blocked all memos and writings during the time Kavanaugh worked for President Bush. This time includes his years working on Bush’s campaign as well as his work in the White House during the time of Guantanamo and the Iraq war. We citizens deserved that information as it goes to his state-of-mind over how he will rule.

I believe he is dirty and if the Democrats take back the House, he should be impeached.

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