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Exercise has a negative connotation to some people, while to others it is an avenue used to get through difficult times, life or just everyday stress.

Where do you find yourself?

At one point, I was very much settled into a sedentary lifestyle. I had grown up in sports, but I lost that commitment when college and adulthood set in. I spent one year connecting with a health coach and changing my eating habits, thus losing 100 pounds. As my weight came off, my confidence grew, and I decided that I wanted to ensure cardiovascular health, as well.

For the past two years, I have been working on the rest of my physical health and well-being. I now consider myself a person who loves the challenge of a good workout.

I can’t wait to see where this journey sends me!

I have had to change my mindset to believe that time to myself — to work on myself — is not only good for me, but, also positively reflects on my husband and family. I have made it a habit to get my 30- to 60-minute workout in each morning. Then, I can come home and be the active mom and wife that I had always envisioned being.

To start out, I just went for a walk.

At first, it was just a half of a mile or less. Then, I would work up in increments until I could walk 2 or 3 miles.

After a while, I decided to run a little in between walking. The more I did, the more I believed I could do.

I began to love the energy and feeling of accomplishment I had each time I went just a little bit farther. Eventually, at the age of 35, I ran my first 10k. It was hard, but I did it!

I can’t promise I know where you are right now as you read this. I don’t know what life’s journey has taken you on. But I do know that if you want to change and are willing to put forth the effort to alter your habits and maybe even add in some new ones, then I do know that you can do it.

Ask for some help, get some accountability partners and get moving!

VanDee Miller is a certified health coach and the wife of Patrick Miller; together they own and run Sweet Chipotle Catering and Event Center out of California, Missouri. They have two kids and are active foster parents. If she isn’t out living her best life, then she hopes to be helping others live theirs.

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