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Where do I even begin? Color, repetition, abstract, chaos, happiness, messy, lines, dots, shapes, ideas, spilling onto the canvas. These are all the things that describe me and my art, which is me. I was born in Geelong, Victoria, and spent most my adult life in Colorado. Art was always a way to express myself while growing up in a pretty strict household that thought art was just a hobby, not anything that would amount into a career. But parents aren't always right!

I am now 36 years old and a full-time artist. I work only in acrylic paints and have sold my paintings all over the world. I have mainly have sold paintings out of my home gallery, on my website and through commissions. I don't exhibit much in galleries as my work doesn't fit into most show themes. I have always had a passion for geometric shapes and love anything bright in color. I love pushing the boundaries of what I can pair together. I also write a lot of alliterations and poetry, so some of my artwork is inspired by literacy before it's put to canvas.

I was never formally trained; I just liked to play. I didn't really even like art classes in school growing up because there were too many rights and wrongs when it came to what art we should be doing. My art doesn't fit in those parameters. My art flies off my brush and hands using the air, water, gravity and the world to help guide it in the direction my ideas are going. In school, if they want you to paint a tiger, it better look like a tiger. Artists' however see the world differently. A tiger to me is an abstract lined painting that is going to have some aggressive colors in it. Not a realism tiger sitting on a rock. We grow up learning other people's interpretations of the world as fact. It's not until we are older that we have the freedom to explore, and we all do it in so many different ways. Humanity is incredibly creative.

In all of my paintings, you will find many layers and textures applied in many different ways. They all look really spontaneous but still structured and still with a deep meaning. It's almost like a quilt and really organic. I also love doing multiple canvas pieces where you can hang them on the wall the way they were painted or change them up. It's however you want to interpret and look at them. I want my paintings to speak to the owner of them.

I'm going to leave you with some poetry on what I've always stood for. I hope you enjoy my art and look to find meaning in them that is personal to you:

Shining away creativity. To put emphasis on tradition. We don't care about sensitivity. Or your sense of addition. Why should we care about you? It's set up the way we like it. Firmly implementing insecurities. In order to keep the masses quiet. We are the instigators of impurities. Our art will forever tell the stories.


Mike Wilson was born in Australia and now lives in Jefferson City. Wilson has lived here for about a year and plans to start being an active member of the art community. Keep an eye out for his artwork around town.

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