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story.lead_photo.caption Grilled peppers and onions in grill saut頰an with grilled sirloins. (Handout/TNS)

We absolutely love Mexican food. It's spicy, fresh and obviously delicious. One of our favorite culinary experiences was a trip to Cabo San Lucas a few years back. We were taken aback by how fresh and delicious everything was. Today's recipe is so easy and is a touch of Mexico. You could use any sort of steak you have on hand, assuming it's a cut that can be grilled. This could be a strip steak, ribeye, flank or hanger steak. In this case we used prime sirloin. This is so easy.

One caveat: I will once again ask you to purchase a grill saute pan if you haven't yet. This is so inexpensive, and you will be surprised how frequently you will use it on the grill. It's basically a large wok-shaped pan with holes to allow the grill flames to touch your food.


2-3 pounds sirloin steaks

3 large bell peppers (we used red, yellow and orange)

1 yellow or white onion

Olive oil spray (or olive oil)

2 tablespoons paprika

2 tablespoons chili powder

1 teaspoon ground cumin

2 teaspoons sea salt

1 teaspoon coarsely ground pack pepper

Allow your steaks to sit out and come to room temperature. Core the peppers, remove the seeds and slice into thin strips. You can also add spicier peppers to this mix as well. Peel the onion and also slice into thin strips. Move the peppers and onions to the saute pan. Take out to the grill and spray the vegetables with the olive oil spray and toss. You could also toss the vegetables in one teaspoon or so of olive oil. We use the spray to reduce the amount of oil we are using.

Sprinkle the vegetables with a little salt, pepper and a touch of cumin. It's the cumin that adds the smoky flavor. But go easy on the cumin as it packs quite a punch. Combine the spices mentioned above and sprinkle on both sides of the steak. Place the vegetables on the grill. If using gas, over medium-high heat. Close the lid and cook for three to four minutes.

Now, stir the vegetables frequently until they soften up a bit and get slightly charred. You still want a little crunchiness in the peppers. The level of crunchiness is up to you. While doing this, grill the steaks to medium-rare, turning frequently. Depending on the thickness of the sirloin steaks this should take ten minutes or so. Bring the steaks in and allow to rest for a few minutes with a light draping of aluminum foil. Slice very thin and load up a soft, warm tortilla.

Squeeze some fresh lime juice on the sirloin and add the peppers and onions, sour cream, your favorite salsa and fresh cilantro. Enjoy!

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