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Jefferson City's food code requires food-service establishments to be inspected at least once every six months.

Priority violations are items, if in non-compliance, that are more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness or an environmental health hazard. Some examples of priority items include improper holding temperatures of foods, inadequate cooking of food items, poor personal hygiene and contaminated equipment.

Examples of core items include cleaning and maintenance of floors, walls and ceilings; open waste receptacles; unshielded light bulbs in food-preparation areas; and missing thermometers in refrigeration units for monitoring temperature.

The food code typically requires establishments to correct priority violations at the time of inspection when possible, or within a longer time frame not to exceed 10 days agreed upon with the regulatory authority. Establishments are required to correct core violations by a date agreed to with the regulatory authority not to exceed 90 days from the time of inspection.

September 2020 inspections noted:

Lawson Elementary School, 1105 Fairgrounds Road, one priority violation: improper procedure for washing dishes in triple sink — and one core violation: no sanitizer present in third step (corrected on site).

Moreau Heights Elementary School, 1410 Hough Park St., one core violation: debris on shelf by air conditioner.

South Elementary School, 707 Linden Drive, one core violation: debris on wall in dish area.

Thomas Jefferson Middle School, 1201 Fairgrounds Road, no violations.

Helias Catholic High School, 1305 Swifts Highway, two core violations: can opener mount has debris present (corrected on site); food debris on wall in dish room (corrected on site).

Immaculate Conception Elementary School, 1208 E. McCarty St., no violations.

St. Joseph Elementary School, 2303 W. Main St., no violations.

St. Peter Elementary School, 314 W. High St., no violations.

Trinity Lutheran Elementary School, 803 Swifts Highway, one priority violation: reach-in cooler not at proper temperature.

Follow-up inspection — no violations.

China Wok, 520 Ellis Blvd. L, three core violations: bathroom walls have dirty residue on surface; chest freezer lid in disrepair; back door to kitchen open.

Convenient Food Mart, 701 Eastland Drive, three core violations: restroom base covering not attached or missing; torn gasket on reach-in freezer; debris on shelf in reach-in cooler.

Domino's Pizza, 3732 W. Truman Blvd., two core violations: crumb trays had debris present; vents had debris present.

JC Mart, 105 W. Dunklin St., two core violations: tracks of cooler have debris present; fan covers have debris and buildup present.

Subway Supercenter, 401 Supercenter Drive, one priority violation: items not held at proper cold holding temperature — and two core violations: equipment had debris present; self-service area had debris present.

Follow-up inspection — no violations.

The Grand Cafe, 107 E. High St., three core violations: debris on gasket; debris on piece of equipment; holes in wall in dish area (corrected on site).

Turkey Creek Golf Center, 1616 Oil Well Road Suite A, one core violation: thermometer missing in Sanyo reach-in cooler (corrected on site).

Walmart Supercenter No. 5477 — Grocery/Dairy, 401 Supercenter Drive, one core violation: front and backs of A29 dairy wall coolers need better detail cleaning of surfaces.

Walgreens No. 09713, 3740 W. Truman Blvd., no violations.

Walmart Supercenter No. 29 — Produce, 724 W. Stadium Blvd., one core violation: debris in bottom of open display cases.

Walmart Supercenter No. 29 — Bakery, 724 W. Stadium Blvd., one priority violation: chemical bottle not stored properly (corrected on site) — and two core violations: debris on display table; debris on floor under triple sink.

Walmart Supercenter No. 5477 — Bakery, 401 Supercenter Drive, no violations.

Walmart Supercenter No. 5477 — Produce, 401 Supercenter Drive, two core violations: hand-wash sink in back is loose from wall; metal shelving at triple sink is falling down.

Walmart Supercenter No. 5477 — Deli, 401 Supercenter Drive, one core violation: coved base paneling coming loose from wall by rethermalizer.

Walmart Supercenter No. 5477 — Meat/Seafood, 401 Supercenter Drive, no violations.

Learning Connection Child Development Center, 136 Scott Station Road, no violations.

Capital Region Medical Center, 1125 Madison St., no violations.

Knights of Columbus, 1822 Tanner Bridge Road, three core violations: inaccurate thermometer in bottle cooler; roll-away cart has debris present, walk-in cooler walls and fatigue mats soiled with dust and debris; bar hand-wash sink has leak in faucet handle.

Clarke Senior Center, 1310 Linden Drive, one core violation: floor tiles broken, loose or coming up near mop sink, FRP wall panel loose near dish machine, and drywall loose behind ice machine.

God's Little Tikes Childcare, 95 Grant St. Suite B, no violations.

Crossmark Inside Sam's Club No. 6505, 849 Stoneridge Parkway, one core violation: torn gasket on piece of equipment.

Jenny Craig, 2701 W. Edgewood Drive 104, no violations.

The Pizza Company, 1508 E. McCarty St., four core violations: formica surface of roll-out table starting to break/chip; boxed single-service items on basement floor by soda rack; salad bar utensils presented eating surface first; hose bibs without vacuum breakers in back.

Bar Vino, 204 E. High St., no violations.

Capital City High School, 1650 Cavalier Drive, one priority violation: food item did not have proper date label (corrected on site) — and one core violation: equipment had debris present (corrected on site).

Capital Bluffs Event Center, 1616 Oil Well Road Suite B, no violations.

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