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Jefferson City’s food code requires food-service establishments to be inspected at least once every six months.

Priority violations are items, if in non-compliance, that are more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness or an environmental health hazard. Some examples of priority items include improper holding temperatures of foods, inadequate cooking of food items, poor personal hygiene and contaminated equipment.

Examples of core items include cleaning and maintenance of floors, walls and ceilings; open waste receptacles; unshielded light bulbs in food-preparation areas; and missing thermometers in refrigeration units for monitoring temperature.

The food code typically requires establishments to correct priority violations at the time of inspection when possible, or within a longer time frame not to exceed 10 days agreed upon with the regulatory authority. Establishments are required to correct core violations by a date agreed to with the regulatory authority not to exceed 90 days from the time of inspection.

December 2019 inspections noted:

Wendy’s Old-Fashioned Hamburgers, 2108 Missouri Blvd., one priority violation: items not date labeled (corrected on site) — and one core violation: hole in wall in prep area.

Bee Line Snack Shops, 2205 Southridge Drive, no violations.

Captain D’s Seafood, 2118 Missouri Blvd., one priority violation: vents in walk-in cooler had debris present; reach-in cooler not at proper temperature — and one core violation: seal on reach-in cooler torn.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, 1400 Missouri Blvd., one core violation: food equipment had debris present.

Convenient Food Mart, 3714 W. Truman Blvd., two core violations: light burned out in walk-in cooler; debris in tracks of reach-in cooler (corrected on site).

Daisy Delight, 2715 E. McCarty St., one core violation: frying oil residue on floor under dry goods storage shelf (corrected on site).

Das Stein Haus, 1436 Southridge Drive, two core violations: seal gap under coved base at dish station; need to clean shelf under microwave ovens and clean pantry Coke cooler shelves of food debris.

Capitol Plaza Hotel Fountain Court Lounge, 415 W. McCarty st., four core violations: final rinse temperature gauge not accurate; room service cooler wire shelving delaminating and rusting; grease residues in line hood; hot water faucet at bar hand sink does not function and leak present in bar triple sink drain line.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard, 2103 Missouri Blvd., Suite A, one priority violation: items in make table not at proper temperature (corrected on site).

Gumbo Bottoms, 221 Madison St., two core violations: utensil in disrepair; no hand-wash sign in men’s restroom.

Happy Garden, 2803 W. Truman Blvd., Suite C, seven core violations: rice scoop not kept in food or hot water during buffet line service; salamander interior, Dean deep fryer, store room shelves around rice bags and area around wok grease trap soiled with food and grease; no food product thermometer available; walk-in cooler ambient temperature above 41 degrees F (corrected on site); junk cabinet and memorial altar have cobwebs present; dish machine grease trap lid has hole present and gasket torn on one meat table cooler door.

Hardee’s No. 1500561, 3601 Country Club Drive, one priority violation: item not at proper temperature (corrected on site) — and five core violations: gaskets torn on several reach-in coolers; debris under equipment; debris in bottom of reach-in freezer; tracks of reach-in freezer had debris present; debris on floor in walk-in cooler.

Hy-Vee Gas No. 1303, 3723 W. Truman Blvd., one priority violation: sandwiches in hot case not at proper temperature (corrected on site) — and one core violation: no hand-wash sign in women’s restroom (corrected on site).

Imo’s Pizza, 706 Missouri Blvd., Suite D, no violations.

Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches, 3750 W. Truman Blvd., two priority violations: items on make table not at proper temperature; items in make cooler not at proper temperature — and one core violation: crash plate in ice machine had debris present (corrected on site).

• Follow-up inspection — no violations.

Lee’s Famous Recipe, 1550 Missouri Blvd., four core violations: food debris accumulation on interior catering hot holding cabinet and potato cutter, gaskets in disrepair on hot holding cabinet; vents by back door flour/dust accumulation; dishwasher top has accumulation of cleaning items; single-service item boxes/jugs on floor in back room.

McDonald’s, 3124 S. Ten Mile Drive, three core violations: food employees working with unrestrained beards; drain pipe from removed sink in dish room is uncapped, floor sink in back kitchen soiled with food debris (corrected on site); lobby soda nozzles and sides of shake machine have buildup present (corrected on site).

McDonald’s, 1425 Missouri Blvd., three core violations: shake machine on time-out reset, orange juice machine at 55 degrees F, line reach-in cooler iced up; light shield missing over triple sink; floor dirty behind McFlurry machine.

Pizza Hut, 1431 Christy Drive, one priority violation: items on salad bar not at proper temperature — and two core violations: items on make table not at proper temperature (corrected on site); no hand-wash sign in women’s restroom (corrected on site).

Sonic Drive-In, 201 Commerce Drive, three priority violations: ice cream mixers had debris present (corrected on site); items on make table out of temperature range; items at drink were out of temperature range (corrected on site).

Stir Fry 88, 3600 Country Club Drive Suite 229, three core violations: walk-in freezer running above 10 degrees F; door gaskets on Hobart reach-in cooler torn; one hood filter missing.

Taco Bell No. 377, 1905 Southwest Blvd., four core violations: steamer has leaks onto work surface and floor; front hand-wash sink does not dispense soap (corrected on site); front hand sink splash guard loose; several floor tiles missing under triple sink and at floor drain, also deteriorating grout lines in back kitchen.

Quality Inn & Suites, 1716 Jefferson St., no violations.

Sonic Drive-In, 314 Ellis Blvd., one priority violation: ice cream machine tips had debris present (corrected on site).

Hy-Vee Food Store — Produce, 3721 W. Truman Blvd., one priority violation: items in walk-in cooler without proper date label (corrected on site) — and one core violation: leak present at prep sink (corrected on site).

Gerbes West Grocery Department, 2805 W. Truman Blvd., one core violation: debris under display racks; display shelf with debris present.

West Main Pizza, 1931 W. Main St., Suite B, two core violations: seal torn on make cooler drawer (corrected on site); no test strips present for sanitizer.

Sabaai-Sabaai Thai Cuisine, 219 Madison St., one priority violation: sanitizer not at correct level (corrected on site).

Panera Bread, 2214 Missouri Blvd., one priority violation: items in walk-in cooler did not have proper labeling (corrected on site) — and four core violations: drain line in drive-thru area had debris present; debris at triple sink area; caulk missing at triple sink; tracks of bakery cooler had debris present.

High Street Pub, 209 E. High St., four core violations: need to clean floor around water heater of debris; boxed single-service items (cups) stored directly on floor; single-service items stored with/near toxics and chemicals in back; need to clean speed gun of debris.

Taco Bell No. 725, 2005 Schotthill Woods Drive, one core violation: walk-in freezer above 0 degrees F, stuck in defrost cycle (corrected on site).

Pancheros Mexican Grill, 2208 Missouri Blvd., Suite 100, one priority violation: employee food and drink stored with establishment food (corrected on site).

Water Tower Bar and Grill, 458 Rock Hill Road, one priority violation: food in prep table above required 41 degrees F, food in beer walk-in cooler above required 41 degrees F — and four core violations: bar reach-in cooler broken, ambient air at 44 degrees F; prep table door broken, ambient air at 52 degrees F; beer walk-in cooler ambient air temperature is 48-50 degrees F; kitchen three-door reach-in cooler ambient air runs 40-44 degrees F.

• Follow-up inspection — no violations.

Koolrunin, 3600 Country Club Drive, Suite 120, two core violations: microwave with debris present (corrected on site); no paper towels at front hand sink.

Jersey Mike’s Subs, 2111 Missouri Blvd., Suite A, two priority violations: food product not held at 41 degrees F or below (corrected on site); cleaner bottle stored on food product shelf (corrected on site) — and one core violation: food product stored on floor in walk-in freezer (corrected on site).

Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant & Bar, 627 W. McCarty St. 1A, two priority violations: meats in lowboy cooler above 41 degrees F; numerous spatulas (food contact surface) have been damaged by heat/contact and need replacement — and two core violations: ice maker filters, walk-in freezer and cooler floor, chip drawer insets, hood and filters above char-broiler need detail cleaning; hot water faucet does not function at back kitchen hand-wash sink, hood missing filter over char-broiler.

• Follow-up inspection — no violations.

The Office Bar, 900 W. McCarty St., one priority violation: missing hose bib vacuum breaker on attached hose at mop sink — and one core violation: ice maker interior dirty.

• Follow-up inspection — no violations.

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