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Jefferson City’s food code requires food-service establishments to be inspected at least once every six months.

Priority violations are items, if in non-compliance, that are more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness or an environmental health hazard. Some examples of priority items include improper holding temperatures of foods, inadequate cooking of food items, poor personal hygiene and contaminated equipment.

Examples of core items include cleaning and maintenance of floors, walls and ceilings; open waste receptacles; unshielded light bulbs in food-preparation areas; and missing thermometers in refrigeration units for monitoring temperature.

The food code typically requires establishments to correct priority violations at the time of inspection when possible, or within a longer time frame not to exceed 10 days agreed upon with the regulatory authority. Establishments are required to correct core violations by a date agreed to with the regulatory authority not to exceed 90 days from the time of inspection.

October 2019 inspections noted:

Belair Elementary School, 701 Belair Drive, no violations.

Cedar Hill Elementary School, 1510 Vieth Drive, one core violation: cut melons on roll-away cart too early before service, at 55 degrees F (corrected on site).

East Elementary School, 1229 E. McCarty St., no violations.

Lewis and Clark Middle School, 325 Lewis and Clark Drive, no violations.

Moreau Heights Elementary School, 1410 Hough Park St., no violations.

South Elementary School, 707 Linden Drive, no violations.

Southwest Early Childhood Center, 812 St. Marys Blvd., no violations.

Thorpe Gordon Elementary School, 1101 Jackson St., one core violation: wall in dish area has debris present.

West Elementary School, 100 Dix Road, no violations.

Immaculate Conception Catholic School, 1208 E. McCarty St., two priority violations: meatballs not held at 135 degrees F or above; ground beef not cooled to 70 degrees F within two hours or to less than 41 degrees within four hours — and one core violation: boxed single-service (straws, cups) stored on floor.

• Follow-up inspection — no violations.

Trinity Lutheran Elementary School, 803 Swifts Highway, no violations.

Arris Pizza Palace, 117 W. High St., three core violations: bar hand sink has unnecessary items in basin; floor/base tile in disrepair in server stations; light covers missing from lights in kitchen.

Bandana’s Bar-B-Q, 2336 Missouri Blvd., one priority violation: food items cooling were out of temperature range (corrected on site); debris in bottom of reach-in cooler.

Casey’s General Store, 102 Eastland Drive, two priority violations: items in walk-in cooler out of date range; food utensil had chipping and peeling paint — and eight core violations: caulk missing on hand sink; oven exhaust vents had debris present; ice bin drain lines had debris present; ice cream machine had debris present; single-serve items stored on floor; walls in kitchen had debris present; food item boxes stored on floor in walk-in cooler.

Convenient Food Mart, 426 Brooks St., six core violations: food product not stored off floor at least 6 inches; single-service items stored on floor in dry goods store room; floor and window ledge in front area have debris present, floor in walk-in cooler and dry goods store room has food residue and debris present; dust on wall and ceiling in customer self-serve beverage area; base coving in disrepair in food preparation area; interior bottom of reach-in coolers have food debris present, interior of trash cabinets has debris present, and walls in food prep area not clean.

Dollar Tree Stores Inc. No. 558, 3535 Missouri Blvd., Suite 127, two priority violations: several dented cans present (corrected on site); walk-in cooler not at proper temperature — and one core violation: shelf in customer area had debris present.

Dragon Kitchen, 2219 Missouri Blvd., Suite D, five core violations: back store room door open, screen door not closed; food products in walk-in cooler not covered during storage; hood filters have grease accumulation; ice scoop in disrepair; freezer lid in store room in disrepair.

El Espolon Mexican Restaurant, 450 Rock Hill Road, one priority violation: meat table foods running above required 41 degrees F, at 50 degrees F — and two core violations: threshold of walk-in freezer coming up, floor by rear back has missing tiles, light fixture in walk-in cooler missing shield, and employee restroom air vent dirty; meat table not keeping foods at 41 degrees F or below.

• Follow-up inspection — one core violation: threshold of walk-in freezer coming up, floor by rear back has missing tiles, light fixture in walk-in cooler missing shield.

El Jimador Inc., 1410 Missouri Blvd., four core violations: possible condensate leak in back part of walk-in cooler; need to use/provide cook’s thermometers; need to use test strips to check sanitizer strength; flooring in walk-in cooler and kitchen has places in disrepair.

Gerbes West Deli Department, 2805 W. Truman Blvd., three priority violations: items on rolling cart out of temperature range; items on pallet out of temperature range (corrected on site); items in walk-in cooler did not have proper date labeling (corrected on site) — and two core violations: display case tracks had debris present; vent hoods had debris present.

J. Pfenny’s Sports Bar & Grill, 217 E. High St., two priority violations: can opener, bar speed gun, walk-in cooler shelves and some containers and crocks, and potato cutter soiled; employee drinks in open containers on work line (corrected on site) — and six core violations: paper towels not dispensed properly at hand-wash sinks (men’s restroom, bar, kitchen hand sink, etc.); open floor seams in dish station need to be welded tight; insufficient lighting in mop room; improper storage in walk-in cooler and freezer due to inadequate shelving/organizing; drink ice at bar also used to cool cans; non-food-contact surfaces not maintained properly (pizza table being iced, missing hood filter, grease trap lid missing bolts).

• Follow-up inspection — three core violations: torn gasket on one of reach-in coolers; debris present in tracks of reach-in coolers (corrected on site); no paper towels in restroom.

Lion No. 11, 718 W. Stadium Blvd., two core violations: light in walk-in cooler burned out (corrected on site); soda drains have debris present.

Love Sushi, 2201 Missouri Blvd., four core violations: torn gasket on upright freezer; caulk in disrepair or missing at hand sink in kitchen; food stored on floor in walk-in cooler (corrected on site); improper method of thawing (corrected on site).

McDonald’s, 815 Eastland Drive, one priority violation: ice cream mix not held below 41 degrees F in service, at 48 degrees F (corrected on site) — and three core violations: employee with unrestrained facial hair; metered faucet does not provide water for at least 15 seconds at hand-wash sinks and water exceeds 135 degrees F in use, causing poor usage; hard water deposits and splatter present atop dishwasher.

Menards Home Improvement, 810 Stonecreek Drive, no violations.

O’Donoghue’s Steaks & Seafood, 900 E. High St., two core violations: debris on wall surface by trash container at bar; food product on floor under shelf.

Scholastic, 2931 E. McCarty St., four core violations: conveyor oven has food debris accumulation; debris accumulation under shelf in walk-in cooler; dust accumulation on front-service area fixtures (trellis, candy bar stand, door frames) and grease on wall coming from ceiling exhaust; floor tile in disrepair in kitchen and cafeteria.

Subway, 114 E. High St., two priority violations: item on make table not at proper temperature (corrected on site); food-contact surface had buildup and debris present (corrected on site).

Subway Store No. 28982, 905 Eastland Drive, Suite A, one priority violation: utensil had debris present (corrected on site) — and one core violation: drain in self-service area had debris present (corrected on site).

Subway Supercenter, 401 Supercenter Drive, no violations.

The Grand Cafe, 107 E. High St., one priority violation: items in reach-in cooler did not have date labels (corrected on site) — and one core violation: debris on vents in reach-in cooler (corrected on site).

Walgreens No. 12749, 900 Eastland Drive, no violations.

Gerbes West Bakery Department, 2805 W. Truman Blvd., one priority violation: sanitizer in triple sink not at right concentration (corrected on site).

Schucks — Grocery, 1801 Missouri Blvd., one core violation: debris on shelving cooler display.

Walmart Supercenter No. 29 — Bakery, 724 W. Stadium Blvd., one priority violation: sanitizer bottle not properly stored (corrected on site) — and five core violations: no paper towels present at front hand sink; utensils not properly stored (corrected on site); debris on floors in walk-in cooler; icing debris on floor in work area; food debris on floor in self-service area.

Jefferson City Country Club, 516 S. Country Club Drive, one core violation: food residue on exterior top of dishwasher and on floor under dishwasher.

Jefferson City Country Club — The Grill, 516 S. Country Club Drive, two core violations: dust on walls and ceiling in dish room and debris on floor under ice machine; food residue on top exterior of dishwasher.

Hy-Vee Food Store — Bakery, 3721 W. Truman Blvd., one core violation: oven vents had debris present; single-serve items stored on floor (corrected on site).

Capital Region Medical Center, 1125 Madison St., no violations.

Subway Sandwich Shop, 1850 Route C, Suite D, one priority violation: sanitizer in sanitation station too weak (corrected on site).

Small Wonder Daycare, 1514 St. Marys Blvd., three core violations: hand sink water faucet below required 100 degrees F minimum; improper wash water temperature for manual dish-washing at triple sink; mop sink drain leaks during use.

• Follow-up inspection — no violations.

Little Explorers Discovery Center, 1002 Myrtle Ave., no violations.

Little Rascals Playhouse and Preschool, one core violation: microwave had debris present (corrected on site).

Jack in the Box No. 6229, 2333 Missouri Blvd., three priority violations: no time stamp on food item at dressing station (corrected on site); no date labels present; single-serve items stored on floor (corrected on site) — and three core violations: both restrooms did not have proper hand-drying present (corrected on site); non-food-contact surface had debris present; floors in kitchen area have grease buildup.

Sam’s Club No. 6506 — Bakery, 849 Stoneridge Parkway, one core violation: decorating accessory item in disrepair (corrected on site).

Crossmark inside Sam’s Club No. 6506, 849 Stoneridge Parkway, one core violation: accumulation of dust over clean dish area.

West Point Senior Center, 2701 W. Main St., Suite 200, no violations.

Missouri Farm Bureau, 701 S. Country Club Drive, one priority violation: ready-to-eat TCS foods not dated — and three core violations: dirty non-food-contact surfaces on can opener holder, drying fan cover, oven doors, bottom of reach-in cooler front line; chipped or irregular surfaces on spatulas, one cutting board and tub lids; employee working without proper hair restraint.

• Follow-up inspection — one core violation: employee working without proper hair restraint.

Cheerleader Pub & Grill, 1590 Jefferson St., two priority violations: items in coolers not date labeled (corrected on site); food items stored on floor in walk-in cooler (corrected on site) — and three core violations: cutting boards with deep grooves; caulk at triple sink in disrepair; debris in bottom of make coolers.

Sushi Box — Sam’s Club No. 6505, 849 Stoneridge Parkway, no violations.

Capital City High School, 1650 Cavalier Drive, two core violations: improper storage of single-service items (corrected on site); no hand-wash sign at dish-washing area hand sink or in employee restroom (corrected on site).

King Buffet, 730 W. Stadium Blvd., three priority violations: PHF foods held on hot buffet table below required 135 degrees F (corrected on site); sushi rice held below 135 degrees F without documentation/time log; PHF foods held on cold buffet boat above required 41 degrees F (corrected on site) — and four core violations: tubs and boxes of food stored on walk-in freezer floor (corrected on site); ice machine drain blocked and has standing water present and floor grate blocked at cook’s line with standing water present; walk-in freezer floor dirty with food debris from infrequent cleaning and floor dirty behind ovens/fryers with grease buildup; dish room floor has damaged floor tiles and missing grout lines.

• Follow-up inspection — one core violation: ice machine drain blocked and has standing water.

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