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Jefferson City’s food code requires food-service establishments to be inspected at least once every six months.

Priority violations are items, if in non-compliance, that are more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness or an environmental health hazard. Some examples of priority items include improper holding temperatures of foods, inadequate cooking of food items, poor personal hygiene and contaminated equipment.

Examples of core items include cleaning and maintenance of floors, walls and ceilings; open waste receptacles; unshielded light bulbs in food-preparation areas; and missing thermometers in refrigeration units for monitoring temperature.

The food code typically requires establishments to correct priority violations at the time of inspection when possible, or within a longer time frame not to exceed 10 days agreed upon with the regulatory authority. Establishments are required to correct core violations by a date agreed to with the regulatory authority not to exceed 90 days from the time of inspection.

November 2019 inspections noted:

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill, 2319 Missouri Blvd., one priority violation: item in cooler drawer not at proper temperature (corrected on site) — and two core violations: utensil in storage area not properly stored; torn gaskets on reach-in coolers.

Arris Bistro & The Liquid Lounge, 409 W. Miller St., three core violations: soap for hand-washing not at bar hand sink; broken glass in floor in bar glass storage freezer; wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer solution between uses.

Break Time No. 3045, 1940 W. Main St., one priority violation: cheeseburgers and corn dogs not at proper temperature in hot case (corrected on site) — and two core violations: broken utensil in doughnut case (corrected on site); shelves in walk-in cooler had debris present.

China King, 3720 W. Truman Blvd., Suite A, one priority violation: food stored on floor (corrected on site) — and four core violations: paper towels not on holder at hand sink; no paper towels in men’s restroom (corrected on site); in-use utensil not stored properly; cleaned utensil had debris present (corrected on site).

Convenient Food Mart, 426 Brooks St., five core violations: single-service item boxes stored on floor in dry goods store room; dust on ceiling in customer self-serve area and floors not clean in dry goods store room; food debris in trash cabinets; base coving in disrepair in food-preparation area; bottom of reach-in coolers has food debris present.

Dollar General Store No. 1433, 2114 Schotthill Woods Drive, one priority violation: returned potentially hazardous foods not stored in temperature-controlled area (corrected on site) — and one core violation: debris in bottom of reach-in cooler.

Sapphire’s, 422 Monroe St., one core violations: grease accumulation on ceiling and wall above fryer area.

Ecco Lounge, 703 Jefferson St., six core violations: bottom of bar GE cooler has spilled mixes present and ice maker shatter plate is dirty (cleaned while on site); sides of kitchen cooking equipment line soiled with buildup as well as hood and filters; some food stored on basement shelving below overhead sewer line without protection; walls and shelving in kitchen soiled with food debris; open ceiling present by dish machine; second sink of bar four-hole sink has hole/leak present.

Subway, 3218 W. Edgewood Drive, Suite 800, one core violation: floor had debris present.

El Espolon Mexican Restaurant, 915 Eastland Drive, three core violations: one kitchen hood missing filters; drink ice (ice maker) used to cool other food (soda can); back door warped and ill-fitting, leaving possible vermin entrance.

El Jimador, 2930 W. Edgewood Drive, three priority violations: possible cross-contamination of food due to improper storage of meats with and above produce and ready-to-eat food; foods in meat walk-in cooler above required 41 degrees F (at 47-48 degrees F); chemicals stored with and above food products in store room and on shelves — and three core violations: kitchen ceiling has wrong tile construction on replacement tiles, need to clean corners at soda chase, and kitchen tiles need cleaning; meat walk-in cooler shelving has food debris present; leaks under triple sink, ice maker has broken drain pipes, and standing water in soda chase pipe.

• Follow-up inspection — two core violations: leaks under triple sink; kitchen ceiling has wrong tile construction for replacement tiles.

Hunan Restaurant, 1416 Missouri Blvd., three core violations: final rinse gauge of dish machine broken; ladies’ restroom lacks covered trash can; walk-in cooler shelves soiled and bar stem mixer has soiled underside.

Mel’s Country Cafe Inc., 2421 Industrial Drive, five core violations: detail cleaning of walk-in cooler condenser, fryers, oven sides, etc., needed; servers’ hand sink loose from wall, kitchen hand sink used for temporary dish table, blocked by pitchers awaiting washing; floors and piping behind stoves, fryers, grills soiled; new kitchen addition lacking coved base, wall repair trim and caulking, ceiling access trim work; worn equipment awaiting removal stored on parking lot.

Michigan Place Expo Center, 714 Michigan St., two core violations: lighting in locked storage room non-functional; shatter plate in ice maker nicked and rough.

Oscar’s Classic Diner, 2118 Schotthill Woods Drive, three core violations: epoxy floor eroding in servers’ expo area; trash dumpster has leak running down driveway and cardboard dumpster is missing lid; bottom drawer of breading station has temperature above required 41 degrees F in use.

Prison Brews, 305 Ash St., two core violations: dust accumulation on wall and ceiling in fryer area; hand-washing sink not accessible for use.

Stadium 66, 807 Stadium Blvd., two core violations: no paper towels in restroom; no hand-washing sign in restroom (corrected on site).

Three Story Coffee, 122 E. Dunklin St., one priority violation: insufficient hot water supply when using triple sink and hand sinks.

Pretzel Maker, 3600 Country Club Drive, Suite 120, one core violation: triple sink backing up and grease inceptor not working correctly.

Gerbes West Meat Department, 2805 W. Truman Blvd., no violations.

Discovery Place, 1448 Aaron Court, no violations.

Mochas, 422 Monroe St., no violations.

Colton’s Steakhouse, 2415 Missouri Blvd., one priority violation: insufficient hot water capacity for kitchen — and six core violations: floors not clean under equipment in kitchen, commercial dish-washing station/drain board, under preparation tables, under bar equipment and in utility closet by bathrooms; walls not clean in areas in kitchen with food debris; hand-washing fixtures not clean; hand soap and disposable paper towels not available at bar hand sink; interior/exterior four-door meat prep cooler, exterior glass door cooler not clean; interior mug freezer bottom has debris present.

• Follow-up inspection — one core violation: floor not clean under bar equipment.

Unilever Corporation Cafeteria, 2900 W. Truman Blvd., two core violations: slicer guard has food debris present (corrected on site); some open ceiling tiles present in facility.

Sawaddee Thai Cuisine, 2215 Missouri Blvd., one priority violation: no sanitizer in dishwasher.

Gerbes West Produce Department, 2805 W. Truman Blvd., no violations.

Precious Gems Academy, 312 Stadium Blvd., two priority violations: refrigerator not at proper temperature; no date marks present.

Children’s Garden of Knowledge, 1914 Southridge Drive, no violations.

Sam’s Club No. 6505 — Meat, 849 Stoneridge Parkway, one core violation: debris under display racks.

Sam’s Club No. 6505 — Cafe, 849 Stoneridge Parkway, two core violations: food boxes stored on floor in walk-in cooler; ice cream machine had debris present (corrected on site).

Three Story Coffee — Millbottom, 400 W. Main St., Unit A, one core violation: oven door front (inside) soiled with food debris.

Little Caesar’s Pizza, 821 Eastland Drive, Suite B, one priority violation: boxes stored on floor in walk-in cooler (corrected on site) — and three core violations: no paper towels at hand sink; no toilet paper in employee restroom (corrected on site); crumb trays on oven had debris present.

Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza, 1803 Missouri Blvd., two priority violations: items in walk-in cooler not date labeled (corrected on site); no sanitizer in triple sink (corrected on site) — and two core violations: no paper towels at hand sinks; can opener had debris present (corrected on site).

Love2Nourish, 700 E. High St., one core violation: damaged floor tile and open seam in kitchen.

Wisdom Woods Prep Academy, 3219 Masonic Court, no violations.

Pizza Hut, 3731 W. Truman Blvd., no violations.

The Tavern, 130 E. Dunklin St., one priority violation: soiled food-contact surfaces of utensils (pizza spatula and knives) (corrected on site) — and one core violation: single-service articles (paper plates) stored improperly (corrected on site).

Gotham Grill, 200 Madison St., four core violations: boxed single-service items on floor; no paper towels at back hand-wash sink; can opener and tabletop mixer soiled; sausage patties in top of make table above 41 degrees F (at 45-50 degrees F).

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