Cole County construction permits issued in January 2024

Cole County issued the following construction permits in January:

Gary Heet, 900 Route U, accessory-shed.

Gary Heet, 5923 Business 50 West, commercial addition.

Doug Schrimpf Construction Company, 309 Hunters Run Road, residential remodel.

Miller Wilbur, 605 Schumate Chapel Road, residential remodel.

Holden Parley, 3024 Brush Creek Road, single-family home.

Jack and Debra Lake, 8717 Washington St., residential remodel.

Luekenhoff Enterprises LLC, 3506 Christian Ridge, single-family home.

Jeffrey and Kathy Stegeman, 415 Giggins Creek Road, accessory-garage.

Steve Sandbothe Home Renovation, 1304 Bonita Paseo, residential remodel.

James Prenger, 4305 Shamrock Road, single-family home.

Robert Hake, 6516 Henwick Lane, accessory-garage.

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