Something for Everyone at Sugar Britches

It is very clear the passion the Sugar Britches team has for what they do and how they support the Jefferson City community (Photo/Dom O'Halloran).

Everyone loves to indulge in a sweet treat every once in a while; either to reward themselves after a long day at work or for a special occasion. However, for some, indulging in sweets can lead to food guilt, and others can find it difficult to find treats that work with their allergy restrictions. 

Sugar Britches Market & More, located at 3600 Country Club Drive, is a one-stop shop for all gluten-free, dairy-free, keto and all-natural treats and so much more. The female-owned bakery also provides a different array of coffee drinks for caffeine lovers. 

Angela Murphy owns and operates Sugar Britches and works alongside her mother, Donna Schmitz, who is a senior executive baker, and SammiJo Morris, an executive baker, NSAM Nutritional Specialist and THM Nutritional Coach. From the beginning, she knew she wanted to bring together all the women closest to her to bring her bakery dream to life. When asked what brought on the idea of creating a bakery catered to individuals with allergies, “The concept of it was to have a safe space so people can have a healthier relationship with food,” Murphy said. “Also, with the rise of everybody being sick or food allergens and addictions, I got very passionate about eating what I want to eat but done in a better way.” Above all else, Sugar Britches aims to provide goods that can work for any lifestyle or dietary restriction. 

Some baked goods sold at Sugar Britches include cake by the slice, cupcakes, cookie cakes, donuts, bread and so much more. “My favorite to sell here is Momma’s Carrot Cake,” Murphy said. As a popular item at the bakery, many of her customers come to the bakery craving it after a long day. 

Murphy’s business is thriving, and when asked who she gives thanks to, she instantly said her mother. “My mother has never gotten credit for all the things she had to go through in her life, and I will always be thankful for her support for this business,” she said. 

It is very clear the passion the Sugar Britches team has for what they do and how they support the Jefferson City community. Not only do they put their heart and soul into building their business, but also their knowledge of marketing. “I’m a businesswoman. I love coming up with a concept and making it happen,” Murphy said. “I love marketing, I love food, and I just put everybody’s strengths together and created this concept when it comes down to it. It is thriving and it is amazing and people are loving it.” 

The environment that Murphy has created with her bakery is unmatched. Anyone who visits the bakery can witness the closeness she has with her customers, even going as far as remembering her regular’s favorite treats and coffee orders. The familiarity Murphy has with her customers and the comfort throughout the bakery brings a sense of who she is to her business. 

There is a treat for everyone at Sugar Britches, and the team is always taking requests to add more items to the menu for customers to enjoy.