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YOUR OPINION: Did apple seal our doom?

September 19, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

Sue Bower,

Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

A thought: Did you ever wonder if Eve's and Adam's bites of the apple sealed our doom?

Intelligence has led to aircraft, one of the biggest threats to the ozone layer; medicine and surgeries that have saved lives and helped enlarge our populations; weapons that have led to world wars and devastation; TV shows, movies, worldwide communication systems that have elevated our acceptance of, and given us directions for, the successful use of methods for killing, stealing, cheating and performing all kinds of evil in this world; lack of satisfaction with our lives and desiring to live and acquire riches for over-the-top lives where we are our own gods and do not care who we hurt or use or ignore; pervasive acceptance of, and desire to engage in all kinds of sexual activities -- activities the dress and doll-up our children so they are objects of desire for men, encourage women to entice and use their bodies to achieve their ideas of success, teach men that women are mere subjects of their desires, etc.

And now, we live under the increasing threat of AI and the possible extermination of human life by our ultimate product of our intelligence.

What if? Oh, and isn't it interesting that one of the biggest tech companies is "Apple?"

Print Headline: Did apple seal our doom?


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