Missouri man charged in Cole County with making terrorist threat

A Savannah man was charged in Cole County court with making a terrorist threat last week.

Jason Generaux was charged with first-degree terrorist threat. A probable cause statement from the Missouri State Highway Patrol states a cell phone listed as belonging to Generaux called a confidential location Tuesday seeking help with an unidentified issue. When the victim directed Generaux to reach out to his representatives in Congress about the issue, he allegedly threatened to come and blow up the building before disconnecting the line.

Troopers contacted Generaux's family in Gravois Mill and reportedly confirmed the phone number belonged to him.

A master sergeant with the patrol contacted Generaux on Friday over the phone, and Generaux reportedly refused to meet with him because he believed the FBI should be involved rather than the patrol. Generaux stated he had evidence related to contaminated water in Buchanan County and then allegedly threatened the master sergeant if he didn't get the FBI out there.

He reportedly followed up his statement, saying, "I would never hurt anybody." He disconnected the call after authorities said they had tried to contact his family.

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