6 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Graphic by Dom O'Halloran
Graphic by Dom O'Halloran

Halloween is right around the corner, and what’s more stressful than finding a costume for your little ones? Whether your child wants to be a pirate, ghost, witch or monster, there are so many options for this spooky season for the kids! Here are 5 last-minute easy costumes for kids. 

An easy-to-put-together costume is Frankenstein. All you need is green and black face paint and some green clothing. This is an easy costume that can add some fright to the night. 

Another cute and easy costume option is a pumpkin. This can be quickly assembled from some items you might already have at home. Find an orange shirt and paint on some triangles in the shape of a jack-o'-lantern and your child will be the cutest little pumpkin on the block.

A third quick and stress-free costume that your child could wear this Halloween is a black cat. This is a cute costume idea that any child will enjoy and will definitely score extra candy around the neighborhood. This can easily be assembled with black face paint and cat ears from any costume store in town.

One of my personal favorite costumes is a ghost. This is such an easy and fun costume that can be assembled from any old sheets at home. To make things even more fun with this costume, you can have the kids add their own personal touch to the ghostly sheets or add fun accessories like hats or sunglasses.

Another spooky option for this holiday season is a minion. Just head to the local thrift store and find some overalls and a yellow shirt and the costume is completed. You can go one step further and grab some goggles or paint them on with makeup or face paint. This is always a fun option for the kids who love the Despicable Me movies. 

The final last-minute costume idea for the kids this Halloween is Mario. To make it even more exciting, parents can join in on the fun and be another character from the classic game. With the Super Mario movie recently coming out, this costume is very timely. This is easily assembled with some cheap overalls and a red T-shirt and painting on a mustache.  

There are so many more fun and stress-free costume options for the kids this Halloween, but these ideas will definitely add some spooky excitement for all the kids to enjoy.

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