YOUR OPINION: Open your eyes

Wanda Roam, Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

I can't believe the naivete of some of the LTEs expressing sympathy for these illegal aliens who are violating our laws. Yes, we have sympathy for those who are living under tyranny because with this administration in control, we are also living under tyranny. A nation without borders and law and order is a country in chaos and will eventually be reduced to a third world nation. Like I've heard it said, if they come from there to here enough, our here will become there.

There are at least 300 American citizens dying from fentanyl every day, which amounts to the crash of a jetliner a day. This fentanyl is being trafficked across the southern border with the collaboration of China, Mexico and our federal government. They are using mules with backpacks as well as transporting their goods in trucks or whatever they can use. There are at least 85,000 missing and unaccounted for children who have crossed the border. It has been reported that Tyson Foods and Perdue chicken processing plants are using children in their late-night shifts which is child abuse. Those other children have probably been sold into sex trafficking because the U.S. is the No. 1 country with child sex trafficking.

Stop buying into the liberal mainstream media propaganda that wants you to ignore the invasion from hundreds of countries including terrorist countries, but instead to focus on the faces displaying despair or anguish to play on your sympathies. Don't forget that every one of the 9/11 hijackers illegally came across the southern border with the aid and assistance of our CIA and a Saudi intelligence agency. Just what might be in the works against our nation right now with all these military-aged single men crossing the border in record numbers?

Biden must be held accountable for violating his oath of office and lying to Americans. His first and foremost responsibility is to protect our sovereignty as a nation and our security from enemies foreign and domestic. The problem is he is our domestic enemy with a globalist agenda.

Impeach this treasonous man and those in his administration aiding and abetting him.

Open your naïve eyes and use the brain God gave you to understand the designed destruction of our constitutional republic to finish the one-world government agenda that puppet Biden is trying to implement. God help us!