YOUR OPINION: Who are the immigrants?

Tom Ault,

Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

Folks, it is time to wake up. Past immigrants did not come for a handout! It is time for you to wake up and to see what is going on around us. Look at the current unnecessary situation that has been created by our government regarding the immigration problem!

There are always going to be those who say, "I don't live in those big cities, so why worry?" If you have not been keeping up, since it hasn't affected you directly here in our fair city, I suggest you start reading and listening to what it happening around you.

Many of our rules, regulations, laws about and made by the chief lawmakers from big cities, are taking over your lives.

I would like to draw your attention to the Albany, New York AP article in the Sept. 21 News Tribune. "Biden's Democratic allies intensify pressure for asylum-seekers to get work permits." Note, "democratic allies."

(1) Mandatory, six month-waiting period for asylum seekers to get work permits (2) Congress inability to reach agreement on comprehensive changes to the U.S. immigration system (3) Gov. Hochul has said her office is considering whether the state could offer work permits...The White House has dismissed the idea. (4) Chicago, 13,000 immigrants since last year. (5) Massachusetts declared state of emergency over migrant influx. (6) 60,000 migrants need housing in New York City (7) Nine people were recently arrested in Staten Island because they blocked another bus carrying immigrants.

Yes, it is our responsibility to help the poor, feed the hungry and give shelter where we can, but...I don't recall that being applied when avalanches of people are told they are going to find a job, find shelter, find freedom, find prosperity ... and whatever other lies they are told to get them to come here for political advantages or perhaps for our enemy's advantages.

It is time to wake up people. Yes, we need to feed the poor and hungry, so how about Appalachia, or an Indian reservation, or any of the other places within our country that need your help. Let's replace those politicians who apparently don't have the ability to understand the needs of our own people. Forget what party you are supposed to be affiliated with! Take a stand for what is right! Vote with knowledge!

Your life could be at stake!

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