YOUR OPINION: Media conspiring with deep state

Harold Horstmann,


Dear Editor,

In October 2008 in Columbia, Barack Hussein Obama said, "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America." Well, after eight years of his presidency and 2½ of a Biden presidency, it's happening!

A Sept. 14 article: "Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson wants to open city-owned grocery stores." Considering how the people of Russia liked standing in line for a loaf of bread, I wonder how Chicagoans will take to his idea.

A Sept. 19 article: "New York City Considering Removing Statues of George Washington, Others." Paraphrased quote: the idea is to remove any statue that depicts a person who owned slaves or benefitted from slavery or who participated in crimes against indigenous peoples. Does this include anyone involved in the abuse and killing of American Indians or dealt in cotton products picked by slaves? I wonder how long it will be before they tear down our Thomas Jefferson statue!

A Sept. 19 article: "Missouri High School (in Kansas City) Crowns Male 'Homecoming Queen.'" Is this an attempt to promote licentious behavior of our young which will in my opinion be another slippery slope to help destroy our nation's traditional families?

A Sept. 21 article by Neil Munro: "Biden Grants Quasi-Amnesty to 470,000 More Venezuelan Migrants." "Biden's Temporary Protected Status (TPS) expansion will add one worker for every nine Americans who will begin to seek jobs this year." "The amnesty will spike housing costs for American families, and displace more Americans from construction, trucking and restaurant careers."

My question is why does the News Tribune seem to ignore these obvious newsworthy items? Is it to assure these communistic trends, attempts to replace historic monuments, immorality in our schools and the Biden administration attempt to destroy American citizen's employment opportunities will continue? What will happen if the Marxist Democrats win the three branches of government in 2024? These four news headlines could become a nationwide reality and would be a calamity for the future of our precious republic!

Since Obama's election in 2008, the nation's mainstream news media has conspired with the Marxist deep state in assuring the destruction of our nation! Nothing will change until the media starts alerting the public of actions by leaders hostile to our American Christian heritage, Bill of Rights and constitutionally guarantees of freedom and equal justice under the law.