YOUR OPINION: ‘Buy local’ shopping experience

Lynn Shively,

Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

Recently, I helped a visually handicapped friend shop for two lawn chairs. As it was late in the season, we found only a limited selection, and prices were prohibitive. Our last stop that morning was at Westlake Ace Hardware. They had the perfect chairs!

The price was just a bit above our budget; however, so I asked if they might give a discount if we bought two. The salesperson checked his computer, and said they actually were on sale for significantly less. He then carried the chairs to the register for us. As we checked out, the cashier applied an additional "coupon" discount to the purchase! Our original salesperson then carried the chairs to my car, loaded them up and waved us off with a cheery goodbye.

Thank you, Westlake, for making my day! Shopping local is a great experience!