Tom Ault,

Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

Being a person always attempting to learn about different things, one of the informational periodicals I receive is a monthly newsletter from the Hillsdale College, called "Imprimis."

Regardless of the timing, I read the following in the September issue and it struck me as something necessary for people to hear about and make judgements according to their beliefs.

According to the September article, back in the 1980s, Judith Butler, Gayle Rubin, Sandy Stone and Susan Stryker established the disciplines of "queer theory" and "transgender studies," the idea of man and woman was simply a false idea, and that transgenderism, or men becoming women and visa-versa, should be the "common place" thing. Their belief was the basic teaching we have all understood through our educated instruction of creation should be toppled.

Susan Stryker, a male-to-female transgender, viewed the Frankenstein novel character as a transsexual. In her theory, she, too, was a monster and therefore destined to channel rage and revenge against the "naturalized heterosexual order" and "family values."

The transgender movement was originally financed by another transgender person, Jennifer Pritzker, who, by choice, became known as James Pritzker, one of the heirs to the Hyatt hotel fortune. Pritzker's cousin, the 2019 Democratic Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, injected gender theory into the state education curriculum and directed state funds into the Medicaid fund for use in payment of transgender surgeries.

Today, the Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago (the main children's hospital there) provides several materials to local schools for training to promote gender transitions and uses the hospital reputation to give their ideology a scientific veneer. They are being indoctrinated in the transsexual movement belief using false educational information.

Marxism has also been associated with this movement according to Rosa Lee, an author borrowing from the Marxists' theory of a "new socialist man." We are hearing murmurs frequently about Marxism, fascism and a socialist movement!

How long are we going to continue letting these types of people be heard? Yes, I know, the right of free speech should prevail, but how about the rights of we Christians? The tip of the iceberg has not yet been reached; it is time to light the fire that melts it before it can continue to grow and ruin the minds of our children.