BIZBEAT: Kerr's Critter Catchers trap your problems

Courtesy/Derick Kerr: Derrick Kerr found this opossum trying to live inside the walls of his customer's home. He was able to trap it in a live trap and release it into the wild.

Kerr's Critter Catchers is veteran owned and operated by Derick Kerr, and his goal is to help rid the Jefferson City area community of its nuisance animal issues.

"I started the business by talking to people," Kerr said. "I heard a lot of people having issues with these animals, and no one around here was affordable and willing to help."

Having spent most of his life in the woods, Kerr decided to put his wildlife skills and knowledge to the test.

"I started helping people trapping groundhogs, moles and raccoons, all within the city limits," he said. "I also make it a point to educate the homeowner on how to prevent these animals from entering their homes or other areas of their yard."

Educating could mean helping the customer seal up entry points, teaching them about the animal, and discussing the damage to the home or area that the animals can cause.

"I work with many nuisance animals, but I draw the line at snakes," he joked. "I recently worked with a set of bats that had made their home in siding, and I got to watch them, and when they left for the night, I covered the hole. It was really neat seeing them and helping the homeowner."

As for future plans, Kerr is seeing where this takes him.

"I want to keep helping people -- that is the most important to me," he said. "I'm thankful for the customers I've gotten to work with and those who might need my help. Jeff City has been a huge support."

Kerr live traps the animals and works with the Missouri Department of Conservation to help the animals find new homes. For more information or to schedule a free quote, call 417-895-0011 or go to the Facebook page Kerr's Critter Catchers.

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