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YOUR OPINION: Justice demanded for Trump, taxpayers

May 25, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

Wanda Roam,

Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

No matter the evidence that exposes the corruption and collusion of the DNC, mainstream media and social media in coordination with the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton, the DOJ, FBI and every three-letter intelligence agency, the News Tribune journalists and the media will not admit it. They are so invested in the anti-Trump obsession, that they refuse to give it up.

Yes, Trump has that brash New Yorker personality and speaks his mind, but they are determined to weaponize their hate against him to the highest levels in every way possible. Everyone in Hollywood, the New York elites along with all media were in love with Trump until he decided it was time someone stepped up and rescued our country from China and so many other government failures. He was self-funded and was already a billionaire, unlike everyone else on Capitol Hill that went to D.C. to get rich quick and take advantage of we, the taxpayers. There are so many people in D.C. who are compromised and must go along to get along. Ever wonder what exactly Jeffery Epstein had on all the politicians, Hollywood elites and the mockingbird media? I don't believe for one minute he committed suicide. He had too much evidence on them all and had become a liability after he was arrested.

Everyone on the left brushes away Clinton's bungling of Benghazi, her criminal act of having classified documents sent to a personal server in her home and paying Fusion GPS to perpetrate her scheme of Russian collusion against Donald Trump. She did all of this to take attention off her email scandals, which FBI Director James Comey was glad to make the decision that no prosecutor would indict her. Why not leave that decision to a prosecutor instead of stepping in to protect her? Finally, it's been exposed that the FBI was hiding Hunter Biden's laptop and demanding social media cover up its authenticity. We know the DOJ will not prosecute anyone on the liberal side. Just as Eric Holder was Obama's wingman, Merrick Garland is Biden's.

The liberals and their partners in crime in the media continue to run interference and deflect all attention to Trump. He has taken all the lies, slings and arrows because he cares about America and has the backbone to do what no one else will do.

We demand justice for Trump and taxpayers!

Print Headline: Justice demanded for Trump, taxpayers


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