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YOUR OPINION: Gun control

May 25, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

Daniel Kliethermes,

New Bloomfield

Dear Editor,

Every time you turn around, there is another mass shooting in America, and politicians try to appease the American people by trying to pass laws that will never work.

But they keep telling us they will pass this law and that law which they know will never have any effect on mass shooting. Mass shootings will be a part of our life forever; you will never pass a gun law that will work. They say basically that honest and law-abiding people are basically the cause of today's shootings. They already restrict what you can say on social media, and if it is not the mainstream agenda that the Democrats approve of, then it is not posted. So there goes our First Amendment rights, which the Democrats took from us when Biden took office.

The only definition of gun control that I can think of is each individual must take responsibility for the guns and ammo they own and properly stored so that children and teenagers cannot get to them. Store your gun and ammo in different locations in your house and put a trigger lock on your gun if you have one or remove the firing pin if you can; that way the gun cannot be fired.

Now granted, you still have irresponsible parents who put their gun and ammo in plain sight. This will not stop all mass shootings, and they will keep happening no matter the gun control laws they pass. You're just not going to control people from killing each other or groups of people or innocent children that go to school to try to learn and be safe and not have to worry if someone might come in and take their life, when all they want to do is to try to better themselves and try to grow up and have a good life. Is that so much to ask of our politicians to try to protect them. In my opinion, gun control laws are just a made-up phrase so they can appease Americans for a while. So, politicians, quit saying you are going to pass more gun control laws when you know there will never be any control of guns. In other words, quit lying to us and just say there is nothing you can do.

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