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New local history book focuses on rural communities along the Moreau River

by Gemma Asel | May 21, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.
"Moments on the Moreau" by Jeremy Amick. (Courtesy of Jeremy Amick)

History books often center around cities, leaving rural towns that hold just as much -- if not more -- stories hidden.

At least that's the belief that author Jeremy Amick holds, inspiring his latest book "Moments on the Moreau."

"Moments on the Moreau" shares the lesser-known histories of a vast group of people, schools, churches and more that center around the Moreau River.

The Moreau River is a major geographical focal point that, along with the minor tributaries, touches many communities in the area, according to Amick.

The book tells the stories of a wide array of people who lived along the Moreau River over time, including Morris Burger, whose father founded Burgers Smokehouse; Theo Putnam, who founded Putnam Chevrolet; a Catholic priest who went on to establish five Catholic churches in Texas and the last chief of the Mohican tribe.

"It was just kind of fun to write because I never really had a chance to get bored because there's so many different subjects," Amick said.

This will be Amick's 19th book, with the 20th to release this September.

"I'm trying to collect those stories that are out there before all record of them disappear and just share the history of our rural communities," Amick said.

Amick hopes that this serves as a platform for a series of the same nature: history books centering on rural communities rather than cities.

"Moments on the Moreau" was released May 2. It is available for purchase locally at Downtown Book & Toy, Sweet Buy & Buy, The Covered Bridge Market and the Community Point Bank. It is also available at online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target and Walmart.

  photo  John Selix and his wife Grace Hader. John is featured in his book and was a well known blacksmith who had shops in Decatur (south of Russellville), Olean and Russellville. (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Amick)

Print Headline: New local history book focuses on rural communities along the Moreau River


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