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New books at Missouri River Regional Library

by Missouri River Regional Library | May 21, 2023 at 3:55 a.m.

New Fiction

"American Mermaid" by Julia Langbein (General Fiction)

"In the Garden of Promises and Lies" by Paula Brackston (Sci-Fi)

"Standing in the Shadows" by Peter Robinson (Mystery)

"The Reunion" by Kayla Olson (Romance)

"The Farewell Tour" by Stephanie Clifford (General Fiction)

"In the Upper Country" by Kai Thomas (General Fiction)

"The Last Unicorn" by Peter S. Beagle (Sci-Fi)

"Beyond That, the Sea" by Laura Spence-Ash (General Fiction)

"Pigsville" by Mark Fishman (Urban Fiction)

"Winterland" by Rae Meadows (General Fiction)

New Non-Fiction

"Mott Street: A Chinese American Family's Story of Exclusion and Homecoming" by Ava Chin

"On Marilyn Monroe" by Richard Barrios

"The Humanity Archive: Recovering the Soul of Black History from a Whitewashed American Myth" by Jermaine Fowler

"Driving the Green Book: A Road Trip Through the Living History of Black Resistance" by Alvin Hall

"It. Goes. So. Fast.: The Year of No Do-Overs" by Mary Louise Kelly

"How Am I Doing?: 40 Conversations to Have with Yourself" by Corey Yeager

"Don't Call Me Home" by Alexandra Auder

"The Confidant: The Untold Story of the Woman Who Helped Win WWII and Shaped Modern America" by Christopher C. Gorham

"The Big Divide: A Travel Guide to Historic and Civil War Sites in the Missouri-Kansas Border Region" by Diane Eickhoff and Aaron Barnhart

"Ghosts of the Orphanage: A Story of Mysterious Deaths, A Conspiracy of Silence, and a Search for Justice" by Christine Kenneally

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