Community turns out for inaugural gun show

Guns were not the only thing available at the Cole County Gun Show at the Jaycees Cole County Fairgrounds this weekend. Military memoriabilia, knives, and gun safety and training items could be found everywhere. (Ken Barnes/News Tribune)

About 500 people browsed among the vendors of the inaugural Cole County Gun Show on Friday night.

Even more attended the event held at the Jefferson City Jaycees Cole County Fairgrounds for day two on Saturday.

Organizers hope the trend continues today.

Admission is $10 for the entire weekend. Children 12 and younger are free. Hours today are 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Another show is planned for Oct. 13-15.

There have been signs that a gun show was coming. Yellow yard signs.

Alex Salsman, director with Gun Show Trader, said the company has organized gun shows for about 10 years in Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas and Nebraska.

"We rent the facility and bring all of our vendors in from all over the country," Salsman said.

She added, "Most of them are local from here in the Midwest."

Organizers and vendors during the first two days, she said, really enjoyed the facilities at the fairgrounds. She said vendors signed up to man 220 tables during the three-day event.

"(Attendance has) been very nice. I know there are graduations and other stuff happening that we are competing against," she said.

The show offered a large selection of firearms, handguns, long guns, ammunition, knives, fishing gear, camouflage apparel and collectibles.

"Anything that can be found in the firearm-related industry. Anything for hunting and fishing," Salsman said.

The event is buy, sell and trade. If anyone wants to bring in a firearm, just make certain it is unloaded. Staff will check to be certain the firearm is unloaded at the front desk as you enter.

Roger Langendoerfer, owner of Stone Ledge Gun and Pawn in Washington, is operating a large table near the front of the show. He said the show felt like a family event, and it felt like a safe environment. He appreciated that law enforcement passed through periodically.

Stone Ledge is a federal firearms dealer, he said.

"To buy a gun from us, you have to do a background check if you're less than 21, and you're buying a long gun," Langendoerfer said. "You can't buy a pistol (from Stone Ledge) if you're less than 21."

There is basically a 10-day wait, he added.

Luis Anguiano, 20, of California, who bought a long gun from him Friday night, returned Saturday to look at his new purchase again.

Anguiano said he's a little frustrated he had to wait to receive his firearm, mostly because he already owns a rifle that is registered.

"It makes no sense that I have to wait 10 days," he said. "I don't understand why I can't take home another gun, even though I already have a clear representation that I'm not going to do nothing."

He shoots his gun at a range.

"It's just fun for me," Anguiano said.

  photo  RIfles and shotguns for all ages could be found at the Cole County Gun Show at the Jaycees Fairgrounds this weekend. (Ken Barnes/News Tribune)
  photo  Thousands attended the Cole County Gun Show this weekend at the Jaycees Cole County Fairgrounds. The 3 day show concludes Sunday. (Ken Barnes/News Tribune)