Letter from the Editor: New Beginnings

Jordan Thornsberry is the editorial director at NT Magazines.
Jordan Thornsberry is the editorial director at NT Magazines.

Longer days. Outdoor grilling. New books. Blue skies. Baseball games. Concerts. Pool days. Gardening. Bike rides. Bonfires. Evening walks. There is so much to look forward to with summer!

I have always identified the start of summer as a beginning point. There is something about warm, sunny weather that inspires me to try new things and take on new projects, whether that be in my home, in my garden or through experimenting with new recipes. 

In this home-themed issue, we examine the do’s and don’ts of interior design (pg. 9) and the secrets to buying and selling a house (pg. 5). We also put together all the tips for creating the outdoor space of your dreams (pg. 16). For those also itching to try something new, you will find fresh recipes and a gardening section in this issue (pg. 20). Feeling thrifty? Check out our guide to vintage shopping in town (pg. 13). 

I urge you to create or find something to look forward to this summer that will furnish ambition and joy. Try a new sport (like pickleball or golf), take up journaling or join a book club. Whatever it is, I hope it becomes a highlight in your everyday life throughout the warm season. 

This summer, I am looking forward to moving back to my hometown and all the new beginnings that will come with this exciting transition. Luckily, I have this magazine issue to explore my home and interior design options. On top of that, I am blissfully happy to begin collecting light fabric swatches and saving pages out of bridal magazines as I set about planning my wedding this summer.