Inside Vicki Arcobasso's life as a businesswoman

Vicki Arcobasso juggles many successful business ventures on a daily basis.
Vicki Arcobasso juggles many successful business ventures on a daily basis.

One might find Vicki Arcobasso floating around town, as a social butterfly does. She may be talking to local business owners, planning the annual Bridal Spectacular, flipping houses (a secret passion of hers) or visiting her husband at their restaurant, Domenico’s.

As the owner of Arcobasso Promotions, which advertises for locally owned businesses, Arcobasso enjoys guiding people on how to grow their businesses. 

Since starting her business in 1994, Arcobasso has had to adapt to advertising changes in a largely Gen Z industry. With the rise of social media over the past few decades, she’s learned how to use new features to her advantage. “I had to do a lot of research and reach out to people that had more knowledge about social media advertising,” she said in a press document.

Being a visionary, Arcobasso has always had the big picture in mind. When she began Arcobasso Promotions, she was a new mom looking for a way to be home with her newborn and still contribute to the family’s finances. Now, three children and almost three decades later, Arcobasso realizes the details that made the outcome of her business successful. “As a businesswoman, I am very meticulous about the details, and I am very hands-on,” she said. 

Another successful business venture for Arcobasso is her annual Bridal Spectacular — an event that connects brides and vendors. “She does an excellent job with the bridal shows and events,” said Dala Yontz, owner of Dala's Bridal Boutique. “She is very organized.” 

On top of her daily work and planning fabulous events, Arcobasso creates the Capitol City Dining & Entertainment Guide, which releases on the first of every year and is designed to help visitors find the perfect places for entertainment, shopping and dining. “It’s great for local restaurant services,” she said. Arcobasso just released her 28th issue of the guide. 

Aside from Arcobasso Promotions and other business endeavors, Arcobasso recognizes the importance of R&R. “Outside of work, I try to relax which is very hard for me to do,” she said. “I love having my morning coffee with my husband before he heads to work.” 


Arcobasso never expected to be a part of the restaurant industry until she met her husband, Mark. “However, it has been one of my favorite things to do,” she said. Even with a plan and precise goals, life can still be surprising in the best way.  

As co-owner of Domenico's Italian Restaurant & Catering, Arcobasso describes the restaurant as one of those places people can visit to spend time with friends, feel like family and find something on the menu they will enjoy. “Domenico’s is the kind of place my husband and I will choose to go to if we have a day off,” she said. “It is the perfect way to spend my evenings.”

Above all: family

Not a day goes by that Arcobasso isn’t thankful for the freedom her career has provided. She’s been able to attend her children’s hockey, baseball and softball games, as well as cheer and dance competitions. She’s helped her husband at the restaurant on busy nights and even had the opportunity to work from home — a luxury for many. 

Even with a successful business and a grown family, Arcobasso is still setting career and life goals. She aims to continue to build Arcobasso Promotions and eventually look for someone to buy and take over the business. Outside of work, she wants to keep helping her husband at the restaurant, which is something she deeply cherishes.   

If she could go back, Arcobasso would tell her younger self to prioritize and balance work and family, be confident and keep her integrity in her business. Beyond everything, “Keep praying and have faith.”