YOUR OPINION: State budget falls short

Sue Gibson, Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

Gov. Mike Parson got around to signing the state budget at the last minute.

Even though Missouri has the biggest budget surplus we have ever had, he vetoed or drastically cut the funds the legislature had designated for crime prevention efforts and a study of treatments for PTSD and other mental health needs of veterans and first responders.

He vetoed money for a cooperatively owned grocery store in a food desert.

The governor zeroed out money for children's division family rooms and to help kids stay with grandparents to keep them out of foster care. By the way, Missouri has healthy children who are hospitalized simply because there's no place else for them to live.

Mike applied his hatchet to substance use prevention and to teacher training. Good luck to teachers trying to help students overcome pandemic learning loss.

He left zero dollars for cardiopulmonary resuscitation training in schools. Once kids are born, Gov. Parson doesn't care if they live. In case you doubt that, he struck funding for a dispatch system to be used in the event of a school shooting.

I'll remind readers here that thanks to the Biden administration's pandemic support, Missouri has the biggest budget surplus we have ever seen. We just have a hard-hearted, hard-headed governor that doesn't value his constituents and our well being.

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