Missouri DOR now accepting 2022 tax filings

The Missouri Department of Revenue announced this week it can now accept electronically filed tax returns for the 2022 tax year. Property tax credit claims can also be filed online. People who file electronically will also be able to pay their tax liability online.

You may do so either through a filing platform (such as TurboTax or TaxSlayer) or an electronic payment option provided by the DOR.

"Many software providers allow you to pay electronically on their specific filing platform, following the creation of your Missouri electronic income tax return," according to Ann Marie Moy, a representative for the DOR.

Allison McGonigal, an accountant with Capital City Accounting & Tax Services in Jefferson City, said the IRS urged everyone to file electronically. McGonigal confirmed you can pay your state tax liability online by inputting your credit card or bank information into your filing platform.

"They requested that people e-file their returns, if you are looking for your return to come back quicker, because last year they were sitting on millions of returns," she said. "So, to get to paper returns, it would take a while longer compared to the filed returns."

Some of her clients have yet to see their tax refunds from last year.

"I've got a client that had filed last year, and they didn't have an amendment, but they received an (identity protection) pin verification ... sometime in late April, early June and they still have not received their refund."

The DOR said e-filing results in much quicker processing than paper filing. In previous years, tax liabilities owed by people who filed online still had to be mailed to the DOR office in Jefferson City.

In recent years, the DOR has had issues with long wait times for processing tax returns. In 2021, the DOR noted that a high volume of tax returns filed on the first day of tax season made processing forms take longer than usual. Last year, the IRS also cited pandemic staffing shortages and a large volume of returns as a reason for long wait times.

"Electronic filing is a fast, accurate and secure way to file your return. Individuals who e-file can have their refund deposited directly into their bank account and generally receive their refund faster than those who file using a paper return," a representative for the DOR said in a news release.

The filing deadline for 2022 tax returns is April 18.

"Many Missourians may also qualify for free e-filing services through the Free File Alliance, which allows eligible taxpayers to file their federal and state income tax returns using approved software," the news release stated. "For more information, visit the IRS Free File website or the DOR's Online Filing resource page."

One of the free online filing providers in Missouri is 1040Now, which will take care of federal and state taxes for anyone in Missouri with a Federal Adjusted Gross Income of $32,000 or less.

Online Taxes Inc. will also offer free online tax services and e-filing for anyone who makes $41,000 or less in federal adjusted gross income.

TaxHawk has the same limit, with the exception of active duty military personnel, who can file if they make $73,000 or less.

TaxSlayer will allow you to file for free if you are under 57 and make $60,000 or less, qualify for the earned income tax credit or are an active duty military service person with a federal adjusted gross income of $73,000 or less.

Paper returns can still be sent to the Missouri DOR.

"Missouri tax forms for the 2022 tax year and prior years are available on the DOR's website (https://dor.mo.gov/forms)," according to the DOR release. "All forms and corresponding instructions can be printed directly from the website. Electronic forms that print with a 2-D barcode help speed up processing."

The DOR also has services, like the Tax Return Status Tracker and DOR Chatbot, that will be able to respond to common questions about tax filing.