YOUR OPINION: Drag queens used as pawns

Nelson Otto, Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

I am fed up with activists using the LGBTQ+ to stir up controversy, outrage and anger. Enough already!

For years, the LGB fought long and hard for enough acceptance to live their lives in peace and without fear. We have these buffoons across the country and now in Missouri playing games and making LGB targets again. This issue with CPS bringing children to the "2023 Columbia Values Diversity Celebration," which included a drag show, is just the latest example.

The people in charge wanted to pull a fast one and slip it past the parents without including the drag show on any of the events lists. And guess what, they got caught. Who will pay the price for their games? LGB and drag performers is who. None of these thoughtless "leaders" will ever be held responsible, they never are. They will prance around with pride at causing controversy and the idea that "we are bringing attention to the plight of the LGBTQ+." In reality, they are causing the plight of the LGB.

I am also so tired of drag queens being used as pawns by these activists. Drag queens are artists and performers. Most people don't understand, and many kids won't understand, that drag queens poke fun at gay stereotypes especially the one that every gay man secretly wants to be a woman. If these leaders really wanted to show true LGB life and culture then do it right. Bring onto stage LGB police officers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, teachers, preachers, checkout clerks, football players and many more men and women living in our society. People who, unless you were told, you wouldn't even know were LGB. That would be reality and awesome, but it doesn't stir up controversy, anger and wouldn't make the LGB targets anymore, and the activists can't have that.