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YOUR OPINION: Right to bare arms

January 22, 2023 at 3:15 a.m.

Molly Brown Burks,

Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

Thank you to the Missouri Legislature. Once again, you leave us breathless and feeling safe. The latest bill on having a dress code in the House is long in coming. Seeing a woman's shoulder and arm is terrifying and disgusting, indeed. One only needs to look at Venus de Milo to understand why arms are so repulsive and it mirrors our deep connection with history.

To know a fellow human had enough repugnance with women's bare arms is only made more tragic knowing he stopped too soon.

But wait! Isn't there the right to bare arms already firmly embedded in the United States Constitution. Isn't that what everyone, pardon me, is up in arms about? I see T-shirts and people wearing red hats that say "Support Your Right to Bare Arms."

Oh, dear, it is bear arms. Our language is so complicated. Perhaps our legislators too have it wrong.

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