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GET MOVING: Sharpen your saw — 2023

by Maria Holee | January 10, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.
Maria Holee and her family on a trip to Thompson Falls, Montana. (Maria Holee photo)

2023 is the time to "sharpen your saw!"

It's time to enhance the greatest asset you have -- you!

It means having a balance in four areas of your life: physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual.

But what is balance? And is there truly the ability to accomplish this?

We are busy adults with lots of responsibilities. My life is full of organized chaos. It's your decision. When I talk about balance with our Jefferson City CrossFit community, I explain how difficult it may be to balance all these things at once.

I learned something many years ago. We have balance. A balance in life is not dividing things to give your attention at 50/50.

That is why, when you have one area you are working on, you make sure to give it 100 percent effort. Focus on that task, as you do not have control over others.

A balance is that, at some parts in a day, I have to give 100 percent to things while the next hour I give 100 percent to another thing.

My daughter's basketball game gets my 100 percent. The class I coach gets my 100 percent. The 8+ hours for my employer gets my 100 percent. The CrossFit workout I just did gets my 100 percent.

At the end of the day, no one got 50 percent. It got my all.

You must put the phone away, remove the noise, and remove all extra stimulus that takes you away from sharpening your saw. Get away from the negativity and laziness that may surround you in a day. Get inside your mind, breathe and focus on that job.

Here are some examples:

Physical: Beneficial eating, exercising and sleep recovery.

Social/Emotional: Make social and meaningful connections with others. Having a conversation with someone does not include looking at your Apple Watch or staring at your phone. We are meant to be social. My favorite thing growing up in a large family was the time we worked hard together, whether it be chopping and carrying wood to dad's truck or carrying the big snow sled up a massive hill together just to ride down it together again. Today, my favorite social activity is working out in a group class at the JCCF.

Mental: Learning, reading, writing and teaching. Challenge yourself to read more books this year! Learning is a journey.

Spiritual: Spend time in nature and expand your spiritual self through meditation, music, art, prayer or service. Go to church. Find a person or family member to go with you. Then find a person you can serve and help in need.

Does this seem impossible? I leave you with this.

For those that don't have time or money and for those that are willing to make every excuse they can before making a decision to do the work. This is written for those that need to hear what it takes to form a wish into a plan.

Make that plan a goal. Stir it with the magic potion called work, and your goal becomes success.

I am a 42-year-young employee that works 40+ hours a week for a fire protection construction company.

I am a mother that worries every day if she is raising her two children right in a chaotic world full of violence and poor decision-making.

They both do organized sports and are always on the go. I am constantly wondering if I am doing it right, feeling like a failure some days and soaking up every bit of them as they grow up too fast.

I am a wife that needs more quality time with her hot, supportive husband. I share a full-time passionate business with him. We laugh, smile and love every spanking member that walks through our doors wanting more out of life. We live and breathe our gym.

I am also a person that wants to put their mental and physical health first. I will spend any spare minute to sweat and work hard because I have never believed in all my God-given life that half-ass is a way to approach anything that you want more out of. I get off on working out. There, I said it. If you tried CrossFit, you would too.

For those that don't have time: You make time for things you love.

For those that don't have money: You spend money on things you want.

For those that are tired: Sleep.

For those that think they aren't in shape enough or weigh too much: Keep making excuses without action and you will always be saying that.

For those that eat sugar, processed food and other crap: Keep eating like crap and see above point.

We all come in different shapes and sizes. It's how we decide to treat our genetics over the long haul that will give us the results.

For those that have children: Make physical activity a bond to share with them your entire life. Read, talk, and pray with them every day.

For those that will get into exercise "next month": There is never a greater time than the present.

For those that are not happy: Make changes.

Bold statements are made by those that believe in themselves and believe in others when no one else will. Fitness is priority. For your grandchildren's sake. The only way is up.

Now, go sharpen your saw.

Maria Holee and her husband, Jake Holee, own Jefferson City CrossFit, established in 2012. She is a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer, has conducted multiple seminars in weightlifting, was nominated for Zonta Women of Achievement in 2018, was fifth in nation in the 2016 U.S. Strongman and is trained in CrossFit Gymnastics. Holee is currently employed at Mainline Fire Protection of Jefferson City.

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