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People who sent letters of support for developments

January 8, 2023 at 4:01 a.m.

The News Tribune received copies of all the letters supporters and opponents sent to the Missouri Housing Development Commission concerning four proposed Jefferson City workforce housing projects.

We compiled names of all people who sent letters and all those who signed petitions to the commission.

These people wrote letters of support for all four projects: Michelle Whelan, Claudia Young, Ken Satterfield, Qhyrrae Michaelieu, Mike Lester, Logan Gratz, DeAnna Alonso, Michelle Wessler, and Luke Holtschneider.

These people wrote letters of support for three Jefferson City developments -- Eastland Hills, Oak Leaf Villas and Stronghold Landing: Ann Bax and Andy Fechtel, Greg Bexten and Ken Theroff, Bill Fogelsong, Heath Garvin, Tammy Chute, Kitrina Tinnin, Carrie Tergin, Sam Bushman, Harry Otto, Jeff Hoelscher, Gary Plummer, Trevor Dancer, Ron Medin, Tina Mollenkamp, Elaine Wehnes, John Blosser, Susan Cook-Williams, David and Janie Nunn, Paula Benne, Rachel Andrews, Greg Callahan and Angela Hirsch.

Jane Beetem was one of five people who wrote a letter of support for Simonsen Place. She was joined by the four who wrote letters of support for all four projects.

U.S. Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer and Trevin White sent letters of support for Oak Leaf Villas.

Here is a list of people who sent letters of support for Eastland Hills: John Taylor, John Moseley, Steve Loethen, David Kemna, Dave Griffith,Brandon Saucier, Steven Lightner, Jana Millard, Brian Mack, Richard Howerton, Harold Westhues, Riley Herigon, Ed Storey, Floyd Wiggins, Cindy Baumgartner, Charles Jackson, Stan Paczkowski, Richard Pemberton, Pam Morris, James Kelly Foster, Richard Rackers, Beth McGeorge, Eric Hemeyer, Mark Kolb, Donna Kolb, David Keller, Dave Kormann, Chris and Ashley Green, Ron Lehman, Danny Baumgartner, Kevin Kliegel, Harold Krieger, Lisa Lehman, Kristopher K. Scheperle, Eric Kinter, Kevin Wendel, Jay Howell, Rick and Betty Branstetter, Phil LePage, Lance Stegeman, Joey O'Connor, Donald Alberti, Brian Meisel, Ricky Kutscher, Elizabeth "Morgan" DeLong Costello, Thomas Pitera and Shawn Rackers, Hallie Gibbs, Robert T. Scruggs, Hal and Anne Dulle, Ralph G. Biele, Nick DeSimone, Tim Schieders, Koddie Schumaker, George Hartsfield, Chip Webb, Rhonda Meyer, Amy Sublett, Brandy Bryant, Jana Millard, Joan Kramer, Kayla Hoey, Gaspare Calvaruso, Bernard Fechtel, Andy Stuckenschneider, Steven Lightner, Jeff Davidson, K.C. DeBoer and Scot A. Drinkard.

These people each signed and turned in a form letter of support for Eastland Hills Apartments that praised it the project for possibly creating homes near businesses: James Baumgartner, Sean Gates, Alaina Leffert, Caroline Wilson and Raegan Hoecker.

Ann Bax included this list of United Way of Central Missouri board members as supporters of the developments: herself, Cassandra Atchison, Corey Backues, Amy Berendzen, Gregg Bexten, Sharon Campbell, Tammy Chute, Mike Donwey, Andy Fechtel, Ryan Freeman, Kirk Duncan, Bob Gilbert, Lori Hoelscher, Lindsay Huhman, Ryann Kampeter, Brenda Leydens, John Moseley, Mark Mueller, Ben Musholt, Brit Smith, Beverly Stafford, John Wheeler and Treaka Young.

The letters pertaining to the four Jefferson City housing projects that were sent to the Missouri Housing Development Commission can be found online at:

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