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People who sent letters of opposition to developments

January 8, 2023 at 4:02 a.m. | Updated January 10, 2023 at 1:12 p.m.

The News Tribune received copies of all the letters supporters and opponents sent to the Missouri Housing Development Commission concerning four proposed Jefferson City workforce housing projects.

We compiled names of all people who sent letters and all those who signed petitions to the commission.

Here is a list of people who expressed opposition to one or several development projects. Because some names were illegible, spellings may be incorrect.

These people wrote letters of opposition to multiple developments: Nancy Gibler, Eastland Hills and Oak Leaf Villas; Tom Rackers opposed Eastland Hills, Oak Leaf Villas and Stronghold Landing.

These people wrote letters of opposition to Eastland Hills: Roger Schwartze, Clayton Hill, Jerome Rehagen, Harold Remley, Betty Graves, Janice Kempker, Joni Henderson, Becky Ambrose, Stan Horn, Jerome Rehagen, Shan-tel Ramirez-Jones, Derrick Spicer, Mark Schreiber, Sakirya Covington, Terry Rackers, John Landwehr, Paul M. Kay, Mike Harvey, Kara Rackers, Edith Vogel, Carolyn McDowell, David Janish, Marie Colvin, Troy Williams, Doug Mueller, Dan Ortmyer and Carrie Morgan.

The opposition to Eastland Hills included a list of signatures. The list includes some duplicates of residents who had sent letters to the MHDC. The list read: "I the undersigned, a resident of Jefferson City, due hereby OPPOSE the use of the LOW-INCOME HOUSING TAX CREDIT (LIHTC) program by FLW, LLC to build a 48-unit housing project located off Eastland Drive and listed as Eastland Hills Development. I OPPOSE this development and ask MIDC (sic) to decline."

Here are the people who signed: Amy Knollmeyer, Thomas Knollmeyer, Roland Hudson, Cheryl Hudson, Stan Horn, William Griner, Connie Graves, Cynthia Sullivan, Patricia Van Tuinen, Janice Rinehart, Winston Kliethermes, Sydney Parris, Doug Mueller, Bobby Mueller, Dale Otto, Sam Hathaway, Walter J. Schaefer, Carl Landwehr, Kathleen Miller, Bill Pohl, Robert Keating, Zachary Froderman, Tracy Lehmen, Robert Lorenz, Dean Dexter, James Nichols, Kody Sheely, Paula Sheely, Robert Rogers, Gloria Phelps, Clayton Hill, Mike Stockman, Vatalio Bulygine, Curtis Thompson, Marguerite Thompson, Lola J. Parris, William Shupe, Sherie Shupe, Barbara A. Hill, Rick Trimble, Damon Cole, Jack Schrimpf, Paul Stackman, Michael Dippolo, Maria Mina, Melissa Mallicoat, Abby Mallicoat, Chris Steuterman, Jeff Barring, Cindy Petermann, John O'Connor, Mike Pratter, George Kossee, Jane Johnson, Janelle Simpson, Michael Harvey, Marvin Lewis, Andrew Gilpin, Tommy Schniedler, Jennifer Paige Morgan, Keith Lesko, M.D. Basnett, Steve Whitson, Dana Heidbreder, Shelly Kiwe, Donnetta Wilkerson, Denise Peters, James Peters, Sharon Jaegers, Sam Struempf, Tim Schnieders, Casey Mathes, Jim Branch, Butch Shipley Daniel Parmley, Ora Parmley, Brian James Weber, Valerie Mueller, Barry Rapier, Troy Williams, Shane Gudde, Michael R. Whitt, Richard Angell, Jared Buechter, Josh Arthur, Robert Troy, Jerome Rehagen, Janet Rehagen, Robert Goulson, Rebecca Goulson, Jennifer Ahlers, Greg Smith, Stephanie Smith, Matt Muessig, Carol Huhmann, Roger Schwartze, Diane Stroessner, Edward S. Gesy, Daniel Benke, Randy Haley, Don Reilmann, Sherrry Reilmann, Stephen Brooks, Jo Ann Wilson, Bill Wilson, Geral French, Tim Wyatt, Jessie Todd, Charles Mueller, William Bethel, Randy Baysinger, Diane Koestner, Steve Koestner, Elaine Carter, Sharon Bates, Karlene Bates, Kara Rackers, Gregory Smith, Paul M. Kay, Randy Mallicoat, Ryan Stegeman, Jeff Claypool, John Hillman, Jason Essary, Robert Human, Harold Faughn, J.R. Bledsoe, Todd Spinner, Brad Bates, Jason Allabaugh, Tiffany Allabaugh, Valerie Burke, Mark Melcher, Tracy Blank, Linda Colter, Jeff Tadsen, Tammy Cooley, Jerri Groves and Janice Kempker.

Roger Schwartze was the lone opponent to Simonsen Place.

In addition to Tom Rackers, Gibler and Schwartze, these people wrote letters of opposition to Oak Leaf Villas: Christopher Turner, Debbie McCoy, Gary Barkhaus, Pam Barkaus, Jennifer and David Boyd, Debbie Chick, Coleen Moses, Amber Nichols and Laura Malzner.

Here is a list of people who sent letters of opposition for Stronghold Landing.

Each of these opponents sent in a form letter. Among other things, it said, the signers are opposed to to the project using an MHDC "loan program," which is incorrect. It questioned the lack of notifications for neighbors. Because some signatures were illegible, spellings may be incorrect: James Artak, Ricky Maupins, Janet Ousley, Jesse Moore, Roy and Jackie Beef, Ali Blair, Terry and Amanda Voss, Pam Blagden, Sue and Stephen Gray, Alli Snell, Patty Pavitt, Rod Mischke and Amy Pringer.

The letters pertaining to the four Jefferson City housing projects that were sent to the Missouri Housing Development Commission can be found online at:

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CORRECTION: This article was edited at 1:12 p.m. Jan. 10, 2022. In a letter to the Missouri Housing Development Commission, Roger Schwartze opposed only the Eastland Hills property. His letter states that he supported three other developments proposed for Jefferson City. The original version of this story had incorrect information.

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