YOUR OPINION: Legislators are now education experts

Loretta Broker,

Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

It wasn't enough that our esteemed male legislators in Missouri decided they could tell women legislators what they could wear. Now they want to tell our educated teachers what they can teach.

They have produced curriculum restrictions and a "Parents' Bill of Rights." The Senate is set to begin debate on the chamber floor this week. That will include a combined measure aimed at addressing and changing curriculum in public schools. The measures have been touted by Republicans as necessary accountability for public schools, which they believe have not had proper oversight into how subjects like history and race are discussed and taught. Give me a break. Next, they'll tell the ministers what they can preach in church.

When I grew up, the teaching profession was looked up to with admiration. Now, our legislators, many of whom don't even have a college degree, are going to tell our educators that they are no longer capable of doing their job.

When is this going to stop? I intend to contact my legislators and tell them to back off from what they have no expertise in.