YOUR OPINION: Maybe it’s a sign

Wanda Roam, Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

Oh wait, if there is a fraudulent Democrat primary race, we can "say" there was voter fraud? Apparently, that's just what a Democrat judge in Connecticut ruled. Evidence of ballot drop boxes being stuffed again and again was caught on surveillance cameras. The only way to get an accurate election is to schedule a new election, so says the judge. Sounds a lot like 2000 Mules, but because that documentary showed evidence of ballot box stuffing against President Trump, there's nothing to see here, move along.

Since 2020, there have been numerous examples of mail-in ballots with no verifiable signatures, no verifiable addresses, stolen ballots from mailboxes, flipped totals in the machines (even on live TV), changed voting laws to accommodate mail-in ballots and videos of ballots dragged out from under tables in the middle of the night to run them over and over through tabulation machines.

In Arizona, the state infamously called for Biden by Fox News with less than 1 percent of the votes counted, had machine failures in 2022 in Republican precincts, with wrong-sized paper being used in the machines, but no one should be concerned because Katie Hobbs, Democrat secretary of state in Arizona overseeing elections and who was also running for governor, said there were no problems to be concerned about.

"Election denier" is put in the headlines of every MSM, even the News Tribune, when referring to those of us who know the 2020 election was fraudulent. The only reason this has been allowed to continue is because the Supreme Court did not have the backbone to hear the cases that were being sent to them to settle the matter. It is reported that Chief Justice John Roberts could be heard yelling to the other justices that if they allowed these cases to be heard they would have riots and chaos in the streets. Therefore, "no standing" was the ruling for not hearing the evidence that would clearly show the election was stolen.

I pray daily for truth to be revealed and that everyone involved in the lies and cover-ups are exposed and brought to justice. The media is the worst culprit, and I hope they fall soon. The Trump Derangement Syndrome affected, must come out of their hypnosis if America is to be saved.

Isn't it telling that the White House Christmas tree fell over? Maybe it's a sign.