YOUR OPINION: Longing for Christmas past

Sue Bower, Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

Just a quick note to wish you a Blessed Christmas.

As I look back on my favorite Christmases, I remember the cookies and homemade fudge, sharing plates of cookies with my neighbors, going to the Christmas parade, singing Christmas carols. I remember playing Chinese Checkers with my grandpa, smelling a fresh cedar tree, loving the one special gift from Santa and from Mother and Daddy.

As I wrapped the 11th gift for a grandchild or the fourth gift for my son, I knew that these gifts would encourage them to isolate from me to play that electronic game, would raise their ire because the shirt I gifted was made from recycled goods, would ruin their diet, scare their kids to death with fairy tales, or expose their "I won't play if I can't win" mentalities.

I hear "You got more than I did." "You know I don't like toffee." "Not another tie." I miss the joy in getting thanks and being thankful, in sharing, in appreciating the time everyone spent in making the Barbie outfits.

Wish I were poor again, wish it snowed more, wish we could go caroling again, wish our food was homemade, wish Daddy could read stories and comics to me again. Wish I could watch "Mighty Mouse" and "Sky King" and "My Friend Flicka." I wish Disney was still Disney. I wish "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" could teach today's politicians.

Today, we let media, strangers, everyone but Mom and Dad inspire us, spoil us, tell us what is beautiful, good to eat, what to read, watch and how to act. This year, be a good parent, don't spoil your kids, say your bedtime prayers, bake those cookies and candies together, and be sure and share them. What you share today will build the tomorrows of your family. Hope it is built on a rock, not on sand.