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Your Opinion: A greedy world

by News clerk | September 23, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

Dale Reichel, California

Dear Editor,

What do you think of the world we live in? We have hundreds of millions of people starving, not enough to eat. Then we have billionaires taking rides on their little rockets.

Fossil fuel companies make record profits ensuring global warming, while others are trying to save the earth. People here complained about gas prices, but must drive SUVs and big four-wheel drive pickups to work, most with one person aboard.

It is a greedy world. So many do not care. The wealthy don't want to think about the poor and starving; they block it out of their minds.

I don't know if man will destroy this earth we live on, but it will be rough, and many will die needlessly.

What person here has more rights than a gun?

We have an insurrectionist still free, collecting money and running his mouth.

I hope our creator saves us from the greedy and ignorant.

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