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Jefferson City restaurant inspections

by Cameron Gerber | September 4, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

Jefferson City's food code requires food-service establishments to be inspected at least once every six months.

Priority violations are items, if in noncompliance, that are more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness or an environmental hazard. Some examples of priority hazards include: improper holding temperatures of foods, inadequate cooking of food items, poor personal hygiene and contaminated equipment.

Examples of core items include: cleaning and maintenance of floors, walls and ceilings; open waste receptacles; unshielded light bulbs in food-preparation areas; and missing thermometers in refrigerator units for monitoring temperature.

The food code typically requires establishments to correct priority violations at the time of inspection when possible or within a longer time frame not to exceed 10 days agreed upon with the regulatory authority. Establishments are required to correct core violations by a date agreed to with the regulatory authority not to exceed 90 days from the time of inspection.

August 2022 inspections noted were:

Bones Restaurant and Lounge, 210 E. Commercial Way, three core violations: painted metal wall under the hood is deteriorating and standing water on the sandwich lowboy, third-floor cooler holds wine above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, walk-in cooler and Coke cooler soiled with food debris. One priority violation: tasting food without single-serve spoon (corrected on site).

Break Time #3049, 1200 Missouri Blvd., one priority violation: items in hot holding box not held at the proper temperature.

Dollar General Store #1219, 1414 Missouri Blvd., one core violation: debris present on customer shelf (corrected on site).

J. Pfenny's Sports Bar & Grill, 217 E. High St., five core violations: restroom lack self-closing door and covered trash receptacles, litter scattered on enclosure area and between fence and grease Dumpster, dish room floor linoleum is not permanently sealed, boxed food present on the floor of the walk-in freezer, dishwasher leaking onto the floor.

Jimmy Johns, 128 E. High St., no violations cited.

Long John Silvers, 2220 Missouri Blvd., six core violations: front and back counters delaminating, hand wash sink in the kitchen coming loose from the wall, under-counter reach-in cooler in front and back not functional, fryers leaking in cabinet housing, leak present at the seam of bay 2 sink, dish machine needs lamination.

Mel's Country Cafe, 2421 Industrial Dr. X, two core violations: broken equipment in kitchen, reach-in cooler not holding at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. One priority violation: food in the reach-in cooler not holding at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

O'Donoghue's Steaks & Seafood LLC, two core violations: floor tiles in disrepair under the commercial dishwasher, drawer cooler not maintaining cold hold capacity at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

Oscar's Classic Diner, 2118 Schotthill Woods Dr., two core violations: salad prep table running above 41 degrees Fahrenheit, dish room ceiling grid vents rusted and soiled. One priority violation: foods above 41 degrees Fahrenheit on the salad prep table (corrected on site).

Red Lobster #733, 3519 Country Club Dr., two core violations: plumbing fixture in dish area malfunctioning, hand sink area needs maintenance. Three priority violations: dish machine not sanitizing at the proper temperature, items in hot holding unit not at the proper temperature (corrected on site), utensil in use was chipped and cracked (corrected on site).

Ria's, 3550 W. Edgewood Dr., two priority violations: final rinse of dish machine does not reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit on the plate surface, foods in line prep table not held at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or lower (corrected on site). Two core violations: holes and missing tile throughout the kitchen area, Pepsi reach-in freezer at the bar does not hold 41 degrees Fahrenheit or lower with salad dressing present.

Sawadee, 103 E. High St., one core violation: torn gasket on the chest freezer.

Schnucks-Deli, 1801 Missouri Blvd., one core violation: debris present on the floor under the three-compartment sink.

Subway sandwich Shop, 1922 Missouri Blvd. Ste. B, no violations.

Taco Bell #382, 2605 Missouri Blvd., one core violation: walk-in freezer floor and equipment had debris.

Wal-Mart Supercenter #29-Grocery/Dairy, 724 W. Stadium Blvd., two core violations: debris present on the display shelf, debris present on the display case.

Schnucks-Seafood, 1801 Missouri Blvd., no violations.

Hyvee Food Store-Chinese Deli, 3721 W. Truman Blvd., two core violations: debris present on the floor of the walk-in freezer, debris present on fan covers in walk-in cooler.

Hyvee Food Store-Italian Deli, 3721 W. Truman Blvd., no violations.

Best Western Capital Inn, 1937 Christy Dr., four core violations: employees following wash/sanitize/rinse procedure instead of wash/rinse/sanitize, no chlorine strip tests available for hand sanitizer, juice machine running above 41 degrees Fahrenheit, more blue ice was needed to keep waffle batter at 41 degrees.

Knights of Columbus, 1822 Tanner Bridge Rd., four core violations: kitchen counter drawers had spills and debris present and the large can opener needed cleaning, frozen pizzas did not have ingredient or manufacturer labels, the floor under fryers had grease spots and the bar ceiling had missing tiles due to a roof leak, and counters and gaskets were torn in the kitchen and cooler.

Days Inn, 2100 Jefferson St., two core violations: boxed single-serve items were not stored properly and placed directly on the storeroom floor, paper towels at the hand wash sink were outside of the broken dispenser.

AFC, 1801 Missouri Blvd., no violations cited.

Chick-Fil-A, 3407 Missouri Blvd., one priority violation: the hot water sanitizing machine did not reach the proper temperature. Four core violations: the fry handsink required maintenance, debris were present in the reach-in cooler and mixing equipment, and the reach-in cooler had a torn gasket.

Starbucks, 3721 W. Truman Blvd., one core violation: torn gasket present in the reach-in cooler.

Samaritan Center, 1310 E. McCarty St., no violations.

Oak Hills Golf Course, 932 Ellis Blvd., one core violation: employees were not following the correct dishwashing procedure.

ABC Preschool, 1950 Rolling Hills Dr., no violations.

Wal-Mart Supercenter #29 Meat/Seafood, 724 W. Stadium Blvd., no violations.

Sam's Club #6505-Grocery, 849 Stoneridge Pkwy., one core violation: items were stored on the floor, not elevated 6 inches.

Three Story Coffee-Millbottom, 400 W. Main St. Unit A, two core violations: no paper towels present around the employee hand-wash sink, employees cloth towel-drying utensils instead of air drying. Two priority violations: Frigidaire cooler held foods above 41 degrees, utensils not being sanitized.

Burger King, 1923 Christy Dr., three core violations: an employee did not have the proper hair restraint (corrected on site), debris were present on the floors, and some equipment was covered with debris. One priority violation: triple sink and sanitizer buckets did not have sanitizer (corrected on site).

Windstone Entertainment Event Center, 2425 Industrial Dr. Ste. A, no violations.

Smoothie King, 2208 Missouri Blvd. Ste. 104, no violations.

IHOP #3568, 2011 Missouri Blvd., no violations.

Sodexo at SSM Health-St. Mary's Hospital, one priority violation: the reach-in cooler was not at the proper temperature (corrected on site) and one core violation: equipment was in need of maintenance.

Popeye's Louisiana Chicken, 2102 Missouri Blvd., one core violation: debris was present on the equipment.

Baymont Inn & Suites, 319 W. Miller St., two core violations: no thermometers in the cook station, pancake mix kept past its expiration.

Smallcakes Jefferson City, 905 Eastland Dr. Ste. B, no violations.

Mod Pizza, 1709 Missouri Blvd. Suite A, one core violation: debris was present on the restroom floor. One priority violation: proper date labels were not present on items in the walk-in cooler.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 1209 Missouri Blvd., one priority violation: items were not at the proper temperature on the hot holding table (corrected on site) and three core violations: reach-in coolers had torn gaskets, the walk-in freezer had debris present, and debris was present on the equipment.

High Rise Bakery, 118 E. High St., two core violations: A leak in the basement and caulk needed around the dish area fixtures, and one priority violation: food items on the make table were unsafe for service (corrected on site).

Big Whiskey's American Restaurant and Bar, 627 W. McCarty St. Ste. 1A, four core violations: a back kitchen ceiling tile was missing a screen, kitchen equipment needed further cleaning, there was a garbage spill near the back steps and the dish station backsplash needed to be recaulked.

Courtyard Early Learning Facility, 225 Oscar Dr., no violations.

Las Trojas, 2930 W. Edgewood Dr., seven core violations: damaged wire shelving in the walk-in cooler, damage in the store room and men's restroom, vegetable sink and dish machine in disrepair, the meat cooler was not at the proper temperature, boxes were stored on the floor of the walk-in cooler, boxes were stacked in the cooler, and the maintenance area and walk-in cooler were unorganized.

Gotham Grill, 205 E. High St., three core violations: equipment had food residue, back sink hand towel dispenser was empty, triple sink backsplash needed re-caulking.

Slim Chickens, 2207 Missouri Blvd., four core violations: washing procedures were not being followed, employees were working with unrestrained bandages, personal belongings were present in the dumpster area, and equipment needed cleaning.

Crazy Fry's, 1121 E. Miller St., three core violations: door closure devices were missing from a restroom, paper towels were not present at the handwashing sink, and the kitchen hand sink had a leak.

AFC Sushi at Gerbes, 2101 Schotthill Woods Dr., two core violations: paper towels were absent from the dispenser at the hand sink, there were no PH meters to test the sushi rice.

Cajun Catfish House Mobile Food Unit, 400 Supercenter Dr., six core violations: an open plastic bag was used as a trash can, one fryer was non-functional, wastewater was dumped in a storm drain, no sanitizer test strips, no cooking thermometer. Four priority violations: the commissary's water fill hose was not restaurant-grade, no water in the hand sink, poor washing practices, and no sanitizer present.

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