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YOUR OPINION: Will we become banana republic?

November 23, 2022 at 3:15 a.m.

Wanda Roam, Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

Another safe, secure and transparent election process. If you really believe that then I have ocean-front property in Arizona for you. Arizona is the poster child for how the left promotes incompetence, and unlawful behavior. Katie Hobbs was the secretary of state who oversees the state's elections while at the same time running for governor. That is a true conflict of interest, but because she was a Democrat, that detail was ignored. Interestingly, the tabulation machines in Republican areas of Maricopa were not working. Kari Lake had to go to a Democrat district to cast her vote, where there were absolutely no problems. How could Kari's vote count in a district where she was not registered? Was it even counted? There were many disenfranchised voters in Maricopa that were told they would have to come back and just gave up. Disenfranchisement is only spoken about by the left when they are afraid their shenanigans will be stopped.

It's amazing that those on the left are so energized by basement Biden who doesn't know where he is or what countries are in conflict, and John Fetterman who is still suffering the effects from a stroke and cannot communicate verbally. He is known for his extreme views of releasing violent criminals and anti-fracking, but he said he was for fracking. Pennsylvania will be decimated if fracking is stopped, so what were they thinking? Why would Pennsylvania residents want a handicapped man to represent him, when he incapable of making clear and consistent decisions? Possibly the early mail-in voting PA caused Democrats to vote a straight ticket before watching the debate. I didn't like Oz as the Republican candidate, but at least he can communicate.

No election should take days to get vote totals. The only reason for the drawn-out election totals is incompetence and/or fraud. Florida is now the shining example of how elections should be run.

America has become an embarrassment and a laughing stock here at home and to the world. Even though our MSM fails to report honestly on what is going on here, the BBC and other outlets are openly laughing at us. I'm sure our adversaries are watching and planning accordingly, which should be very concerning.

If things don't change quickly, we will become a banana republic and all the things we are divided on won't matter because banana republics don't care what their people think.

Print Headline: Will we become banana republic?


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