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YOUR OPINION: Put our nation first

November 23, 2022 at 3:15 a.m.

Sue Bowers, Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

How did the religious leaders in Jesus' time react to Jesus, whose teachings said to put others first. These leaders were in power, had wealth, had the ultimate say in the Jewish religion. As they watched Jesus' appeal to the people grow, as people welcomed him to Jerusalem with palm branches and gathered by the thousands to hear his words, they feared he would become more popular, more powerful and that they would lose their wealth and power.

Look at our political world today. The truths are there for all of us to see, but some of us are afraid to admit what we know in our hearts. Do we honestly believe any of our leaders in the federal government -- past and present -- have our nation's best interests at heart? Do we really think that Hunter Biden and, ultimately, Joe Biden are innocent of taking bribes for access? Do we really think that Trump could not possibly have cheated on his taxes and manipulated his business interests to his advantage?

The Jewish leaders bribed, sent people to spy on Christ, had false witnesses testify against him, and threatened, jailed and murdered some of his disciples -- all to avoid losing their positions of power and wealth. Do you wonder why we can't get to the truth in regard to the Capitol riots, the Hillary computers and their destruction, the dossier, the actual worth of and buyers of Hunter's artistic endeavors? We can't get the tax audits or health records of Trump and Biden, respectively? Do we really think our people in power today would be more honest, more open, more forthright, more compliant with our laws than the Jewish leaders in Jesus' time?

Perhaps the answer is term limits: One four-year term for president; two terms for senators and representatives. We need to obey the laws as they are or legally change them. Our ancestors wrote the laws for good reason. Why have laws at all if we don't enforce them?

We need to elect honest people who can put diligent, honest, America-first efforts into running our nation for a term in office that will not lead them down that power-hungry road; otherwise we shame our veterans, ancestors, those who died defending us and our way of life. I thought Trump was the one, but he is, after all, a man of power, wealth, greed, a self-preservationist at all costs. Do we not have a political savior who can put our nation first?

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